Nursing Delivery Systems

Medication administration. Whether it’s using a syringe, an IV or dispensing a capsule, administering medication is one of the nursing staff’s primary responsibilities. And, it’s a responsibility filled with challenges. The interrelated processes involving medication ordering, preparation, distribution and administration are prone to medical errors.

RRD Healthcare Solutions understands those interrelationships, which allow us to develop nursing delivery solutions that prevent adverse drug events. We work with hospitals, health systems and other healthcare providers to develop solutions that simplify and standardize medication workflows, exceed Joint Commission (TJC) compliance and internal protocol requirements.

IV Line Labels

RRD Healthcare Solutions IV Line Labels communicate vital information to medical professionals during patient care. They help:

  • Monitor IV fluid levels
  • Prevent medication line mix ups
  • Organize multiple drips
  • Highlight medications added to the IV
  • Ensure IV site care
  • Communicate when an IV change is due
  • Convey medical alerts

Our stock and custom IV Line Labels ensure you meet internal protocols and enhance patient safety.

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Syringe Flag Labels

Flag Labels convey crucial patient data on syringes, vials, tubes and other small medication packages. The RRD Healthcare Solutions system eliminates major headaches for nurses and pharmacy techs, such as:

  • Labels sticking together in the wrong spots thereby concealing important patient information
  • An inability to scan the label within a syringe pump
  • Challenges in labeling cylindrical and odd shaped products
  • Obscuring dosing information on syringes due to label size
  • Labels falling off en route to a patient or at bedside before administration
  • Inefficient labeling processes that add time and aggravation to a pharmacy tech’s busy day

RRD syringe, vial and medication labels aid proper medication dispensing preventing confusion and misidentification.

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Medication Labels

Medication Labels supplement the printed information included with prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. RRD Healthcare Solutions Medication Labels reduce confusion and misidentification in numerous ways including:

  • Eliminating errors resulting from illegibly handwritten medication names
  • Aiding the medical staff in the proper dispensing of prepared medications
  • Allowing the medical staff to record key data points, such as drug name, strength and more

RRD Medication Labels assist medical professionals in labeling medications properly.

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Patient Discharge Instructions

Comprehensive discharge education can improve patient understanding and may reduce unnecessary rehospitalization. RRD Healthcare Solutions provides patient discharge instructions that help healthcare systems by:

  • Personalizing materials to patient needs and conditions
  • Delivering information at an appropriate frequency, increasing patient education and compliance
  • Outlining a plan for outpatient follow-up care

We combine print and digital communications to deliver instructions in the most effective way and with optimum impact.

Patient Education Communications

Modernize patient outreach to deliver communications in ways that connect with user preferences. RRD Healthcare Solutions patient education communications guide patients through their inpatient, outpatient and post-hospital healthcare experience. We deliver materials that include:

  • Patient guides
  • Outpatient guides
  • Resource guides
  • Newsletters
  • Educational information

Materials are delivered in print and electronic form including direct mail, pamphlets, brochures, email, SMS and more.