Patient Identification & Admission Solutions

Properly identifying patients. The first step to patient safety in any healthcare facility. And, the most effective patient identification and admission processes incorporate a defined patient identification methodology. One that ensures patient safety and reduces costs.

RRD Healthcare Solutions works with hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers to develop an effective approach to patient identification. Analyzing the key patient touchpoints, those when patients come in contact with hospital personnel and procedures, enables us to develop effective patient identification and wristband solutions. One that eliminates inconsistencies and variability in current processes, maximizes patient safety and eliminates product redundancies that cause unnecessary costs.

Hospital Wristbands

Hospital wristbands are the foundation of patient safety in hospitals. They help health systems verify that treatments and procedures are intended for a specific patient. They alert caregivers about allergies, fall risk and other patient conditions and ensure proper patient care.

RRD Healthcare Solutions supplies hospital wristbands in laser, direct thermal plastic, vinyl and Tyvek formats.

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Pre-Admission Kits

Increase the comfort level of patients needing treatment and increase the efficiency of the admission process. RRD Healthcare Solutions preadmission kits combine both static and dynamic materials enabling a more personalized and welcoming patient experience. Kits may include:

  • Directions and facility maps
  • Apparel and preparation instructions
  • Pre treatment instructions
  • Consent forms
  • Insurance forms
  • Post care expectations and instructions