Pharmacy & Laboratory Systems Solutions

Hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers utilize electronic health record systems to increase productivity and efficiency and, most importantly, improve patient care. But electronic data isn’t the only output. The medical staff relies on printed materials to label syringes, vials and other medications to ensure proper patient identification and dosage and deliver high quality care. Ineffective systems put patients at risk.

RRD Healthcare Solutions specializes in developing printed material workflows that maximize the value of your EHR investment. Our understanding of internal protocols, compliance challenges and EHR systems allows us to design plug-and-play systems that increase productivity and mitigate patient risk.

Syringe, Vial & Medication Labels

Medication Labels supplement the printed information included with prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. RRD Medication Labels help prevent confusion and misidentification in numerous ways including:

  • Eliminating errors resulting from illegibly handwritten medication names
  • Aiding the medical staff in the proper dispensing of prepared medications
  • Allowing the medical staff to record key data points, such as drug name, strength and more

RRD Medication Labels assist medical professionals in labeling medications properly.

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EHR Label System Solutions

Electronic Health Records have improved patient safety, staff efficiencies and workflows. But, to work most effectively, EHRs require properly designed labels that meet clinical protocols and compliance.

RRD Healthcare Solutions provides stock and custom labels for EHR systems including Epic, MEDITECH, CPSI, Cerner, McKesson, Healthland, Siemens, Healthcare Management Systems, Allscripts, NextGen Healthcare and more.

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Medication Documentation & Pharmacy Labels

Communicate vital information from the doctor and the pharmacy to help guide medical professionals and patients in using medications correctly. RRD Healthcare Solutions Medical Documentation and Pharmacy Labels detail key information including:

  • Patient’s name
  • Doctor’s name
  • Name and strength of drug
  • Dosage instructions

RRD syringe, vial and medication labels aid proper medication dispensing preventing confusion and misidentification.

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Pharmacy Scripts

Our personalized, tamper-resistant prescription pads help you prescribe simply and securely. RRD Healthcare Solutions Pharmacy Scripts are compliant with federal and state guidelines and include:

  • Formats that fit your EMR
  • State-specific laser sheets
  • Prescription pads

Laboratory Forms & Labels

Laboratory forms and labels help medical professionals identify and track laboratory samples throughout a medical lab or facility; communicating key information about:

  • Dated inventory
  • Medications
  • Reagents
  • Central supply bins
  • Specimens

RRD Healthcare Solutions laboratory forms and labels work with laboratory information systems such as Cerner, EPIC Sunquest/Misys, MEDITECH, SoftLab, McKesson and more.

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