A Better Course of Treatment for a Healthcare System's Print Management Program

BACKGROUND: A Healthcare System Changes its Print Management Care

With 15 hospitals, 5,500 physicians and more than 26,000 employees, this RRD client isn’t just one of the largest not-for-profit healthcare system in its state — it’s also ranked among the top 5 large healthcare systems in the U.S. To support the print needs of such a large and important organization, their print management program processes more than 35,000 orders annually across an inventory of 5,000 items including forms, labels, stationery, commercial print, branded promotional items and more.

After more than a decade with their incumbent print management supplier, the healthcare system conducted an in-depth review of its business. As a result of that review, the system turned to RRD for our comprehensive print management capabilities and expertise, local service models and a proposed savings program that could significantly reduce costs.

SOLUTION: A Strong Partnership Cures Print Management Ills

To help them make a seamless transition from their previous provider, RRD provided their client with a focused implementation project manager. This RRD expert reviewed their existing print management process and created a plan to optimize its efforts. As a result of this engagement, RRD helped the client accomplish the following:

  • CREATE: By taking on the entirety of the client’s print management efforts, RRD — with their guidance — is now responsible for managing and supplying all documentation needs related to patient care, administrative functions and community-based communications.
  • MANAGE: The RRD project manager’s initial scope of work included a detailed multi-step implementation process for the client, mapping out existing processes, order histories, pain points, specifications for thousands of custom items and more. The project manager also managed bi-weekly calls with both organizations to ensure a fluid transition.
  • DELIVER: RRD now works with this healthcare system on every aspect of their print management program — from concept and production to delivery and reporting — for thousands of custom items.

RESULTS: The long-term prognosis is outstanding

The client saw significant improvements in its print management program. Working together, we were able to provide a 18% savings to them and have delivered additional savings through a series of implemented process improvements.

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