Patient & Consumer Marketing

Expanding service lines and extending patient lifetime value are essential growth drivers for hospitals and health systems. And, as the battle for the healthcare consumer intensifies, the need for effective sales and marketing programs escalate.

RRD Healthcare Solutions elevates provider patient and consumer marketing strategies; driving high-value service line growth and extending patient lifetime value. We help strategize, target, plan and execute multi-channel communications that target new patients and retain current patients, encouraging them to leverage additional services. Our patient and consumer marketing strategies also ensure your message resonates within your hospital community and diverse patient population.

New Mover Campaigns

Engage new residents in your area early and place your brand top-of-mind. RRD Healthcare Solutions’ new mover campaigns allow you to connect with your audience at a time when they’re most likely to be making healthcare decisions. In addition, RRD provides:

  • Personalization that captures readers’ attention
  • Data segmentation that allows you to adjust for age, income, homeownership, home value, and other factors
  • Cross-media marketing that combines direct mail, email, mobile and more

Promote your value before your potential patients interact with your competitors!

Direct Mail

Drive response with high-performance direct mail strategies. RRD Healthcare Solutions’ extensive digital and variable print platform delivers data-driven communications tailored to your unique audiences. Our network allows you to:

  • Leverage variable content and images
  • Create vibrant, data-driven communications
  • Use data to create micro-targeted communications

Direct mail sparks conversations and can increase conversion rates.

Health Fairs and Educational Events

Increase the awareness of service line and doctor practice specialties. The RRD Healthcare Solutions communications suite helps you increase awareness of health fairs and educational events. Increase attendance and understanding through:

  • Direct mail and email communications
  • Brochures and pamphlets
  • Large-format signs
  • Post-event communications

Multichannel Marketing Solutions

Multichannel communications are all about presenting your target audience with information, or the ability to interact with information, across multiple channels. RRD Healthcare Solutions helps you connect with your audience on their terms through:

  • Direct mail and email
  • Web
  • SMS
  • Brochures and pamphlets

Deliver personalized and relevant communications that capture audience attention.

Translation Services

Communicate effectively with your audience regardless of their native language. RRD Healthcare Solutions will guide you through the translation process ensuring your message resonates with your target audience. Our translation services include:

  • Native language speakers
  • Translation memory software
  • Foreign language desktop publishing

Our services ensure accurate and consistent translations that minimize costs and save time.