The rules have changed.

Research from RRD reveals a new generation of buyers, sustainability pressures, and workforce dynamics that are changing the rules of marketing playbooks.

The study, based on surveys of both in-house marketing decision makers and consumers in the U.S., highlights four transformative industry themes:

  • Marketers are bullish on emerging channels
  • Direct mail feels novel for digital natives
  • The shift in generational buying power is underway
  • CX continues to be a tough nut to crack

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Report Vitals

What we did: Surveyed 500 in-house marketing decision-makers and 1,000 consumers in the U.S.

When we did it: August 2022

Why we did it: To provide insight for marketers that informs strategy, priorities, and investments

What did we learn?

Marketers are currently experiencing a watershed moment: Gen Z now accounts for a larger share of consumer spend, the evolving work-from-home movement is continuing to shift how marketers reach consumers, and many shoppers are coping with soaring prices of their everyday items.

Marketers who can navigate this complex environment with nimble strategies and an optimal channel mix are most likely to connect with their audiences.

The macro marketing report

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Macro trend: Marketers are bullish on emerging channels

Despite an array of concerns converging to create a tough marketing climate, marketers are still opting to make big bets and test-drive emerging channels. Consider this: 94% of marketing decision-makers agree the metaverse is a new and exciting way to reach potential customers.


of marketers show more interest in exploring new and innovative marketing channels, than just sticking with channels with high returns.

Which channel has delivered the best return on investment (ROI)?

2022 2021

Macro trend: Direct mail feels novel for digital natives

Our data suggests digital natives — those familiar with computers and the internet from an early age — find physical brand communications to be more compelling and novel.

For example, more than four in 10 consumers are more excited about direct mail now than they were a year ago and this percentage is even higher among younger generations (63% of Gen Z and 62% of Millennials).

Consumers believe direct mail to be more personal (+11%), more likely to catch their attention (+17%), and more trustworthy (+17%), in comparison to email brand messages.

More personal
More likely to catch your attention
More trustworthy
Direct Mail E-Mail

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Macro trend: The shift in generational buying power is underway

How will you capture a younger, growing segment of customers? Nine out of 10 marketers feel there needs to be an adjustment to marketing strategy as purchasing power shifts into the hands of Gen Z.

With Gen Z in mind, over half of the marketers responding to our survey agree the following need to be restrategized:

Macro trend: CX continues to be a tough nut to crack

Marketers: What are the top three (3) challenges your organization is facing currently?

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The Macro Marketing Report is RRD’s third annual survey of marketers. Prior studies include:

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