Minimize cycle time and cost.

Our flexible supply chain solutions enable comprehensive workflow management and processes across our integrated design, production and distribution teams to minimize cycle time and cost.

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Continuity of supply

Many supply chain challenges have been further exacerbated by COVID-19. Gain support for your entire product lifecycle.

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Medical Kitting Support

Lean on RRD’s scale, scope and regulatory credentials to support the packaging and shipping of COVID-19 test and respiratory care kits. Contact us for additional information.

Supporting the Entire Product Lifecycle

Global IT QA/ Regulatory Compliance

Solution Design

  • Supply chain network analysis
  • Menu of customer solutions
  • In-region, near-shore, off-shore, embedded options
  • Focus on total cost-to-serve

Print, Packaging
& Label Production

  • Graphic and structural design
  • Prototyping
  • Packaging types – paperboard, corrugated, rigid, molded pulp, clamshell
  • Print – bound, folded
  • Labels – prime, RFID, sensor, security

Sourcing & Inventory

  • Supplier evaluation & selection
  • Material sourcing and planning
  • VMI programs
  • Supplier quality
  • Warehousing

Configuration & Kitting

  • Device/product assembly
  • Firmware/software load
  • Product testing
  • Accessory kitting
  • Hi-speed packaging and labeling

Multi-Channel Fulfillment

  • Asia consolidation
  • International air & ocean
  • Customs processing
  • Final mile solution
  • B2B & B2C

After Market
& Customer Retention

  • Returns management
  • Personalized content print (checks & letters)
  • Business reply card scanning and data entry
  • Sample fulfillment
  • Solution Design

    Solution Design

    Our design expertise, systems, processes and execution can improve supply chain control and deliver a reliable portfolio of effective products to clients. Our product transformation process is tailored to specific requirements, with the ability to support dynamic models for multiple Stock keeping Units (SKUs) delivered through multiple different channels.

    By conducting a supply chain network analysis, the solution design team can integrate and tailor solutions for clients’ unique needs to provide a seamless route to market. From in-region, near-shore options to embedded solutions, the focus is on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). RRD’s global platform can help optimize the supply chain from packaging design through to logistics, manufacturing, final pack, fulfillment and reverse logistics.

  • Packaging Design & Engineering

    Packaging Design & Engineering

    Every project begins with a comprehensive assessment of five factors: product, brand, manufacturing, environment and cost. From creative brief, rough sketches and 3D rendering to prototypes, RRD’s cost-to-use analysis, materials and graphic explorations leads to a series of perceptive concepts that can be reviewed and scored.

    Following concept approval, our engineering phase is where we create 2D and 3D CAD files, develop prototypes for testing and customer approval and determine manufacturing production plans. RRD’s flexible packaging solutions range from design creation to final delivery of the finished package.

  • Prepress


    Year after year, companies rely on RRD to produce compelling packaging using industry-leading solutions, advanced technologies and refined processes to help build, reinforce and enhance brand awareness and engagement. Prepress services produce high-end screening and separation for expanded color gamut, high-definition file preparation and digital photopolymer plate making.

    Our art adaptation services account for size, color management, palette execution and content, along with the development of style guides, illustrations and proofing workflows. Digital asset management solutions ensure brand consistency and product integrity across the entire literature manufacturing platform.

  • Packaging Production

    Packaging Production

    We offer a global single source of end-to-end design, print and label production and packaging. The design and solutions team applies state-of-the art techniques and capabilities to make packaging production more predictable, reliable and impressive. Our solutions include paper-based packaging, package decoration and finishes, decorative coatings, and special light and sound techniques.

    Our design teams work closely with clients to respond to precise specifications, timing and quality standards for projects of any scale, scope, location or complexity. Our holistic approach covers Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI), Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery, systems integration, logistics, sourcing, quality assurance and performance management—all continuously optimized to improve speed-to-market, reduce inventory and obsolescence, and free up working capital.

  • Digital Print

    Digital Print

    RRD possesses world-class digital print production and distribution capabilities. Our vast array of services enables us to produce a wide spectrum of products including but not limited to hardcover books, calendars and marketing collateral. We also supply products on demand with 1:1 personalization made possible through advanced variable print technology.

    Our digital print capabilities don’t end at the press room. They continue in the bindery and finishing areas as well. UV coating, foil lamination, folding, perforation and die-cutting are just some examples of the services we provide.

  • Labels


    Our extensive range of labels capabilities combined with our expertise means we can develop a cost-effective solution to help improve efficiency, maintain regulatory standards and compliance, and improve customer engagement.

    Examples of our labels services include digital and short-run labels, prime labels, compliance labels, and healthcare labels. Our packaging and label design team work collaboratively alongside interactive and manufacturing experts to take packaging to the next level.

  • Sourcing & Inventory Management

    Sourcing & Inventory Management

    Our global procurement team leverages industry knowledge and supplier expertise to develop global and regional supply bases and commodity strategies. This comprehensive solutions for material sourcing and planning continues to demonstrate the significant benefits of strategic commodity management by driving innovation and lower TOC among the supplier base.

    Strategic relationship management allows rigorous supplier evaluation, selection and monitoring which leads to a progressive, high-quality vendor listing (AVL). Our VMI program and daily execution approach delivers the flexibility to cope with fluctuating inventory demand to maintain supply continuity.

  • Configuration & Assembly

    Configuration & Assembly

    Minimize the risk of forecast inaccuracies by working with RRD. We enable efficient production and delay completion of differentiating elements (e.g., languages, software, firmware, hardware) closer to the final point of consumption. Demand-driven product completion, near-shore, offshore and in-region allows clients to respond to real time demand, retailer requirements and end-user preferences.

    We have extensive experience in medical device, telecom and consumer electronic kitting and assembly. Our solutions provide rapid conversion of generic product inventories to SKU-specific finished goods and utilize effective structuring of delayed conversion tactics.

  • Logistics


    Our logistics management solution allows organizations to leverage resources, industry-specific experience and a global transportation network that’s second-to-none. Advanced analytics help identify valuable insights on trends and potential areas of greater efficiency in customer operations, leading to improved service and new growth opportunities.

    A single global technology platform enables RRD to service a broad retail and distribution network, dotcom customers, direct-to-store shipments and direct-to-customer orders. Full track and trace capabilities give customers peace of mind by providing labeling and documentation to track the serial number in every carton, pallet and truck.

  • After Market

    After Market

    Critical after-market functions can cost companies millions in lost profits due to damaged customer relationships and external liabilities. Conversely, effectively managed after-care can enable companies to find hidden profits, minimize liabilities, and improve customer satisfaction. RRD’s scale, scope and reverse logistics management offers a wealth of revenue opportunities in addition to processes that help improve efficiency.

    Our tailor-made aftermarket services simplify the day-to-day management of lifecycle care with solutions including product recalls, Returns Material Authorization (RMA), collections, retail returns, repackaging, reflashing and reconfiguration.

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