We recently ran a Medicare insurance direct mail test using a virtual test method, Acuity™ by RRD. Well, the results are in and you're going to want to see them — no matter your industry.

The test included six direct mail packages — two commonly used "control" packages and four unique "challenger" packages. Besides picking "winners" and "losers" from the six different offerings, the test:

  • Identified strengths and weaknesses of the various creative elements in each version
  • Revealed sub-segments who reacted differently to the test packages
  • Discovered rules of thumb that can help us design better packages in the future

If you find yourself up against tight timelines (think AEP), focused on improving customer acquisition, or typically unable to take advantage of test-and-learn programs, this is your webinar.

And when it's over, it may have you second guessing your current direct mail control. Watch now.

Watch Now.

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