From encouraging patients to return for care as quickly as possible to targeting specific audiences with new care regimens as an outcome of the pandemic, the healthcare industry has seen a rapid shift in communication priorities.

In this webinar, you will gain fresh insights to help you design a new communications strategy to meet your business goals. Our experts will talk through the following trends and discuss their impact on healthcare organizations like yours:

  • The rise of consumerism in healthcare as patients become more consumer-focused in their approach to healthcare, seeking more relevant information to help them take greater control of their healthcare decisions.
  • A hyper-accelerated need for content and the ability to deliver content when and where your audience wants to receive it (and in the channel they prefer).
  • The need for ONE brand voice, which has become a clear must have for organizations communicating as one entity to customers, in an effort to combat misinformation in the market and serve as a trusted source.


Pat Karker

Pat Karker | Senior Sales Executive of Content and Creative Services at RRD

Pat is a 25+ year veteran of the content and creative services industry. During his tenure in this industry, Pat has seen the proliferation of technology that accommodates efficient content creation through distribution to the variety of output possibilities available in the world we live in today. Understanding specific industry trends in life sciences, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and financial verticals have enabled successful engagements that deliver effective, industry specific content across digital and print mechanisms.

Tom Wozniak

Tom Wozniak | Director of National Healthcare Sales at RRD

Tom is a 40+ year veteran of the print and digital communication world with 30 of those years spent focusing on the healthcare industry. Throughout his career Tom’s focus has been identifying client issues and developing solutions to address those challenges. Understanding the healthcare market’s changing dynamics, Tom has been able to consult on best practices and execution for long term relationships. He has worked for large communications and services companies such as Moore Corporation and RRD.

Webinar Details:

Name: From Patient to Customer - Communication Trends Driving Higher Engagement
When: On-demand
Length: 45 minutes

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