We know Veeva — and we’re developing Veeva integrations to make your life easier.

As an official Veeva Technology Partner, RRD knows that developing the right integrations with our clients’ core systems can increase workflow efficiencies all while maintaining compliance.

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Reduce manual synchronization

Meet RRD’s Fulfillment Metadata Interchange. By way of a repeatable workflow, this solution supports an automated data exchange from our clients’ Veeva Vault PromoMats system to RRD’s core fulfillment systems.

The outcome? A significant reduction in the amount of manual synchronization between Vault PromoMats and fulfillment — and there’s more:

Improved accuracy

Automation improves quality through a greater level of accuracy than manual keying can provide

Improved speed

Critical item maintenance can be made automatically, improving speed and eliminating manual steps

Enhanced compliance

Heightened accuracy and trackable process flows to prove regulatory compliance

The value proposition

By developing connections to our clients’ system of record — i.e., Veeva — we are creating new opportunities for improved efficiency in the following areas:

  • B2B e-commerce ordering
  • Fulfillment metadata interchange
  • Automated print production workflow support

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