Bridgetown Printing

Bridgetown Printing, a union facility serving the greater Portland area for over 100 years, specializes in premium-quality offset and digital printing. We have also recently expanded into Grand Format in an effort to better serve the Pacific Northwest and our Retail clients. We work with a wide variety of clients ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Bridgetown has a rich history of supporting and selling intercompany work and integrated programs for our clients. The desire to consistently provide excellent quality and service is embedded deep within our organization and has supported our efforts for continued growth. Our 50,000 square foot facility is located in the Swan Island Industrial Park of Portland, with convenient access to carrier delivery systems both local, domestic, and international.


  • FSC Certification
  • G7 Certification
  • Mail Anywhere Seamless Acceptance
  • SFI Certification


Bridgetown Printing
5300 N. Channel Ave
Portland, OR 97217
United States

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