Hearing Device Supply Chain Solutions by RRD | Solution Brief

4/17/2023 RRD Supply Chain Solutions

Hearing Device Supply Chain Solutions by RRD | Solution Brief

Create a supply chain competitive advantage

Companies in the hearing device space are operating in a dynamic and highly competitive environment. Advances in telehealth and hearing device technology have the potential to reshape the industry, and the global hearing aids market is forecast to reach $17.68 billion by 2029 (source: Fortune Business Insights). 

As companies adapt to these changes and battle for market share, they face a range of supply chain challenges.

  • Personalization: Consumer expectations for personalized devices include more color options and sound personalization
  • Customization: Devices may need to be modified to meet different geographical requirements that include branding, language, and regulatory approvals
  • Speed-to-market: Getting products to market in a timely fashion is vital as both new and established competitors battle to win market share of the over-the-counter (OTC) device market
  • Complexity: Increased personalization and customization demands have increased supply chain complexity as suppliers multiply and supply chains become difficult to manage

End-to-end solution, many benefits, centralized support

Reduced complexity. Continuity of supply. Rapid time-to-market. Product and service flexibility. An optimally managed supply chain can activate a number of significant benefits for hearing device companies.

The RRD supply chain services that make up this holistic, hearing device solution include:

  • Consolidation: RRD’s global supplier network to consolidate multiple warehouses and suppliers
  • Print, packaging, and label production: Creative packaging design integrated with our global print and packaging production facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia
  • Kitting: High-volume kitting and personalized order capabilities
  • Compliance: RRD manages all kitting requirements in FDA registered (Class I to III), cGMP/QSR – 21 CFR part 10 compliant, ISO 13485 and ISO 146441-1 Class 8 accredited facilities
  • Multichannel fulfillment: RRD’s global logistics network to increase the supply chain flexibility and responsiveness

Support the entire hearing device lifecycle with a single source. Visit: rrd.com/supply-chain

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