RRD Facility Spotlight: Pacific Standard Print (PSP)

5/25/2021 RRD

RRD Facility Spotlight: Pacific Standard Print (PSP)

Pacific Standard Print (PSP) is a West Coast powerhouse commercial print operation that came together as the mighty sum of its former parts. Merging regional operations and an extensive building renovation created a center of boundless resources for even the most complex projects.

Boasting next-level efficiencies in a prime location, facility president Ian Redmond carved out some time between projects to share his insight on what exactly is setting this new-look facility apart from the rest.

What about PSP makes it unique in the current marketplace?

Ian Redmond (IR): We've recently combined our Northern California operations to establish a robust center of excellence for commercial print. This strategic investment in Pacific Standard Print (PSP) brings diverse capabilities to the region to better serve RRD client needs. 

After undergoing an extensive year-long renovation, PSP has increased capacity for digital, sheetfed, mailing, and print fulfillment services. Our new 136,000-square-foot location boasts upgraded, best-in-class digital presses plus 40-inch offset, sheetfed presses. 

PSP also offers an elevated security infrastructure for data and mailing services. We have an increased volume of storage to support critical warehousing and fulfillment needs, all from a union production facility.

Being strategically located in Sacramento, Calif., we have logistical reach throughout all states on the West Coast via I-5. We can also service the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, and Reno metropolitan areas with same-day shipments.

If you had to narrow it down to one, what do you consider the PSP plant's forte?

IR: West Coast execution of brand critical communication and direct mail. Folded self-mailers, letter packages, postcards, flats, assembled kits, you name it — our history of executing time-sensitive direct mail communications throughout the West Coast is ingrained in our culture. 

We also have the ability to provide in-house data services and variable programming. We combine our digital and offset print capabilities with our inkjet and inserting capacity to produce effective targeted communications for our clients. 

This is truly a seamless mail facility. PSP has extensive expertise in USPS regulations to help support the sales process with clients across many vertical segments. We routinely handle drop shipments directly into various USPS NDC and SCF mail entry points across the West Coast. Daily direct shipments from our docks accelerate time to market as needed for our wide range of clients.

Can you share a recent success story that showcases this capability?

IR: A large union organization needed to communicate policy updates to nearly 800,000 members on short notice. They required the work to take place at a union facility. 

They turned to PSP to develop a solution that would allow them to execute the mailing in a tight timeframe. They also wanted to produce a routine annual notice to be mailed around the same time. 

PSP experts suggested combining the two mailings into a single letter package. The package would stay within the designated weight limit to obtain the lowest possible postage rate. The mailing consisted of the following components: 

  • Cover letter
  • Eight-page saddle-stitched book explaining the policy changes
  • Four-page annual notice
  • Additional notice
  • Custom two-way remit envelope

All pieces were inserted into one custom converted outgoing envelope with the mailing address ink-jetted on the outside. 

Using the full width of our in-house capabilities, we were able to produce the various components in tandem and mail the materials to nearly 800,000 members in a matter of weeks. The mailing included drop shipments into many USPS entry points across the West Coast.

The client saved significantly on postage costs because of our ability to combine what was previously multiple mailings. With the shortened production timeline, we were able to meet their required in-home date for the critical communications. We also supported bulk drop shipments of these communications to 200+ office locations throughout the West Coast. 

PSP continues to support this client through the kitting, fulfillment, distribution, and warehousing of these materials as the organization gains new members.


For more information about this facility, visit our PSP location page.

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