RRD Facility Spotlight: RRD Singapore

3/24/2021 RRD

RRD Facility Spotlight: RRD Singapore

Singapore is a prime location for the world’s large multinational corporations and fastest-growing startups alike. Its business-friendly environment and supportive government policies make doing business relatively easy. A diverse talent pool and stringent quality control measures in Singapore provide quality assurance and mitigate risk to the corporations.

Strategically located and endowed with both a seaport and an airport, Singapore offers convenient access to anywhere in the world. RRD Singapore’s supply chain solutions include:

  • Supply chain network analysis and solution design
  • Project management
  • Procurement and inventory management
  • In-region device configuration
  • Advanced testing and software re-flashing
  • Kitting, distribution, and fulfillment
  • Reverse logistics and spares services

To learn more, H Y Chng, general manager of RRD Singapore, shares some insight into the benefits of its strategic location and how the team is able to serve a diverse client base.

What about RRD Singapore makes it unique in the current marketplace?

H Y Chng (HYC): RRD Singapore is unique because of our wide-ranging capabilities combined with our medical compliance, experience, and expertise. This mix of attributes allows us to offer a one-stop-shop supply chain solution from a strategically important location. 

The team in Singapore has 20+ years of experience supporting multinational enterprise clients, and we have dedicated project management resources. The facility is also ISO 13485 certified to meet medical device compliance regulations.

If you had to narrow it down to one, what do you consider RRD Singapore's forte?

HYC: Asia comprises 25 major countries with diverse cultures and languages, creating highly complex products and markets for each country. We help our clients manage complexities by providing a global control tower model — the real forte of RRD Singapore.

We offer clients a single point of contact, giving visibility and operational control across the entire supply chain. This model enables our clients to increase the responsiveness of their supply chain and adapt quickly to market conditions.

RRD Singapore is equipped to handle clients’ diverse needs, from product protection to customs regulations to multi-channel fulfillment.

As business evolves, what role do you see RRD Singapore playing in that evolution?

HYC: With the increasing shift to online orders, product availability is crucial, but inventory must be kept low for every client. The build-to-order [BTO] capability of manufacturing is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Besides the in-house process capability, the links in the supply chain must also be BTO-ready. Eighty percent of our client orders are BTO, and this proportion is expected to continue to increase. Nonetheless, RRD Singapore and our suppliers have been achieving 100% fulfillment of clients’ demands.

The region’s industrial landscape is seeing an increase in medical devices and pharmaceuticals, where regulatory compliance is critical. With more than 14 years of medical device kitting experience, RRD Singapore is well-positioned to serve clients.

Can you share a success story that showcases RRD Singapore?

HYC: The attention to process discipline and product quality control is the central focus at RRD Singapore. The result of these efforts is reflected in external ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 audits. We have had 20 straight years without any non-conformance issues registered. More importantly, for 14 years now, in the kitting of medical devices we have had no field escalations.

These are proof points that RRD Singapore has a longstanding history as a reliable partner who manufactures clients' products safely while lowering their market risks.


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