Comprehensive Premedia Support Streamlines Print Operations | Grocery


Comprehensive Premedia Support Streamlines Print Operations | Grocery

RRD’s GO Creative™ provides single-source pre-media support, eliminates packaging inconsistencies for major CPG brand


A leading global CPG brand with multiple international subsidiaries faced challenges across its packaging print operations and pre-media processes. As it stood, up to 25 employees were managing creative approval processes across 40 different printers utilized by the brand. Differing workflows and specs for each printer led to internal inefficiencies and branding inconsistencies for customer-facing packaging. 

To rectify the situation, the brand sought a centralized vendor that could streamline their prepress creative workflow and approval process. They wanted to unify branding and create cohesion across products on retail shelves while maintaining a diverse array of print vendors. 


The brand turned to RRD GO Creative for their pre-media expertise and comprehensive creative support. The RRD team worked to create a seamless, centralized workflow that would reduce inconsistencies and accelerate time-to-market. The RRD team first completed a thorough analysis of the brand’s existing pre-media process, identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement. They then consolidated the brand’s entire pre-media workflow — from design inception to final approval — by taking over as a single-source provider. 

By removing any pre-production responsibilities from the brand’s print partners, RRD helped facilitate a shift from a distribute-and-manage model to a manage-and-distribute model. This created a streamlined workflow for artwork development, review, and approval, and provided the various printers with a standardized file to print. 

RRD also replaced the brand’s existing ad-hoc content management process with a customized tech stack, including a collaborative workspace for project management, an online artwork approval system, and a digital asset management tool. This centralized hub improved internal communication, version control, and efficient collaboration among cross-functional teams.

3D renderings were also introduced, eliminating the need for costly, time-intensive photoshoots. Industry-standard color spaces were identified for use in image depiction and color schemes, and stringent quality control measures assured visual cohesiveness among product families and shelf sets.


RRD’s solutions helped the brand revolutionize their pre-media process — standardizing creative, optimizing workflows, and integrating technology to optimize working with a large variety of print vendors. Additional results include: 

  • First-ever creative standards, ensuring consistency across all packaging materials
  • Streamlined workflow with reduced personnel hours, increasing speed to market 
  • Strategic cost savings from unbundling of prepress from print suppliers
  • Standardized output across print suppliers, minimizing errors and costly reprints
  • Adoption of 3D renderings, reducing costly reliance on traditional photography

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