Improving Loyalty with a Complete View of the Customer | Retail

8/15/2019 RRD

Improving Loyalty with a Complete View of the Customer | Retail

Meaningful outcomes through a centralized marketing database


Over a century old, this retailer sells through an international network of 4,200 stores. Although its loyalty program is several years old and well established, the company struggled with conversion, attribution and under-performing ROI. The retailer also lacked a complete view of the customer.


With several opportunities for improved program efficiency, tracking and reporting, RRD Marketing Solutions designed and built a centralized marketing database augmented by daily processing, hygiene, aggregation and consolidation. Additional solutions included:

  • Implementation of predictive analytics with models (e.g., response, value, defection, win-back) and triggers (e.g., on-boarding, cross-sell, lapse)
  • Optimization of the contact strategy with cross-channel marketing communications


317% increase in campaign ROI by targeting contacts most likely to respond

38% cost savings per campaign by eliminating unprofitable contacts

143% increase in loyalty program membership — and growing

With a centralized marketing database in full effect and supported through ongoing campaign management and performance analysis, this prominent retailer has realized meaningful results.


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