Streamlined Change Management Solution Provides Efficient Customization | Utilities


Streamlined Change Management Solution Provides Efficient Customization | Utilities

RRD's Business Communication Solutions team simplifies leading service provider’s change management system, reducing time to market   


A leading national service provider faced extensive delays in change management workflows supporting local marketing and invoicing efforts. The existing system required lengthy IT programming changes to make even simple messaging updates. Depending on the extent of the changes, teams had to wait anywhere from six to 10 weeks before producing materials.    

The provider sought an external partner to implement a self-service means of making invoice and marketing content changes without reliance on IT resources. Additionally, the provider desired an efficient change management process to enable quick modifications within up to a few days of production.  


The provider enlisted RRD’s Business Communication Solutions team to implement a platform that would enable independent content management. The solution provided a collaborative self-service invoice and content management system that exceeded the client’s expectations. 

RRD’s BCS IT experts first analyzed the provider’s existing invoice template, content samples, and data layouts. A custom content management solution was then designed to handle all invoicing and marketing materials within one templated touchpoint.

Working closely with the provider’s marketing and operations teams, the RRD Project Manager, Business Analyst, and IT support teams continue to integrate to meet ongoing project timelines.  


The content management solution enabled the client to produce marketing and invoice materials quickly —and without IT department reliance. The customized system also reduced the change management timeline from 6-10 weeks down to just 2-3 days. Additional results include:

  • Ability to self-service marketing and invoice changes in a timely manner
  • Reduced dependence on IT programming support 
  • Ability to quickly communicate time-sensitive content to customers 

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