Superfulfillment Solution Powers Internal Access and Ordering | Financial Services

1/2/2020 RRD

Superfulfillment Solution Powers Internal Access and Ordering | Financial Services

Customized solution makes ordering easy as possible for users — in short notice 


A national mutual fund company was handling all of their digital print and fulfillment internally. The production team handled requests from wholesalers, investment firms, broker dealers and their customers. The management, however, wished to eliminate their internal warehouse and requested that Veritas, an RRD company, assist with setting up and installing a system to integrate with their existing mainframe system internally.

To make this request more challenging, the mutual fund company possessed an antiquated internal computer system as well as a lack of documentation or rules set up within their system to address state-level or firm requirements.

Lastly, the company requested that this new solution be completed within a tight 90-120 day time frame. 


To create a customized solution for the mutual fund company, the Veritas in-house programming team created rules for the 400 different documents. In addition, the team needed to create an integration that would interface with the dated internal computer system, extract the orders programmatically, and import them into the Veritas solution on a daily basis.

To make it as easy as possible for users to place orders, Veritas created a web-facing broker dealer site with single sign-on (SSO) directly integrated into the superfulfillment workflow. The solution makes it easy to: 1) track where a user signs in from, 2) identify the type of user group they belong to, and then 3) display the correct forms accordingly.

The Veritas team also delivered an application called Book Builder, which is used to create individualized, on-the-fly pitch books for broker dealers. Features of Book Builder include: 

  • Utilization of preexisting electronic files or uploaded custom documents
  • Pagination and assembly of the book in the order the broker dealer wants
  • Cover personalization, printing and shipping 
  • Broker access through the same web-to print interface they normally use


The new superfulfillment solution has had a significant impact on the number of orders being placed and processed, growing nearly 30% from 2013, when 19,199 orders were placed to 2016, when 24,847 orders were placed.

Veritas now processes approximately 100 orders per day for the mutual fund company. Some items are print-on-demand, others are print-to-shelf, and a few items are static inventory. The superfulfillment solution has also enabled:

  • Same day printing and shipping of all fulfillment orders (placed by 3PM CST) 
  • Approximately 400 total items turn over every quarter for compliance 
  • Accessible online, any-time reporting 
  • Weekly automated top-10 reports from superfulfillment from a variety of categories

The Veritas solution has increased cost savings dramatically — the mutual fund company was able to move completely away from an internal print shop and can now focus completely on creating great customer experiences.


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