Digital Assessment, Recommendations Projected to Save Insurer Over $5MM | Insurance


Digital Assessment, Recommendations Projected to Save Insurer Over $5MM | Insurance


RRD’s digital assessment transforms life insurer’s communications, delivering an efficient and agile digital platform solution


A leading U.S.-based life insurance company sought assistance in transforming their current communications platform into a more efficient and agile digital-based platform. Leadership identified inefficiencies and room for growth, but as it stood, they did not have the bandwidth or visibility to know where to focus their efforts.

The company sought external support to help assess their existing platforms and systems, deploy alternative processes, and ensure they were staying ahead of the industry curve.   


Over the course of eight weeks, RRD’s spend consultants immersed themselves into the company’s inner workings, meeting with a spectrum of stakeholders including business users, IT reps, and marketing groups. Discovery working sessions were held to help understand what was working — along with what wasn’t — in the current environment.   

The assessment showed that internal teams did not understand how current communications were handled, creating unnecessary inefficiencies. Additionally, several non-standard and even outdated communication processes were in place, creating issues with branding and compliance.

From the findings of these sessions, RRD helped the client put together a first-ever comprehensive list of challenges that leadership could then take action on, plus a detailed solutions and recommendations report. It documented their current environment’s identified gaps and suggested technological and other solutions to provide extensive time and cost savings.


RRD’s comprehensive support helped the company develop a clear road map toward reaching their digital platform goals, including a timeline and projected costs. Over the span of five years, the company is projected to save $5.7 million dollars by implementing RRD’s recommendation to replace older systems and move to digital document delivery.

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