Luxury Car Brand Revamps Dealer Launch Collateral | Automotive

12/16/2021 RRD

Luxury Car Brand Revamps Dealer Launch Collateral | Automotive

RRD takes ownership of print supply chain and execution, delivers cost efficiencies


For one luxury vehicle division of a multinational automobile manufacturer, dealer launch collateral became a reliable and essential component to its go-to-market strategy. However, creative scope-of-work limitations and budget constraints pushed the automaker to look elsewhere for an end-to-end, cost-effective solution for this project.


With a well-established 50+ year partnership with RRD (across multiple business units), the auto manufacturer’s internal marketing team confidently turned to RRD for help. 

To take full advantage of economies of scale, RRD proposed a comprehensive, single-point-of-contact solution that included RRD’s GO Creative team and leveraged the print costs with the current dealer launch program. The client was satisfied with the fresh ideas, proposed cost savings, quality, and overall experience achieved with RRD’s ownership of the entire print supply chain for this project.

Adhering to the client’s style guide, RRD ensured the automaker’s brand identity would never be compromised. RRD managed the flow of the total print brochure supply chain, all in-house, including:

  • Ideation, conception, and creation
  • Retouching and pre-press 
  • Printing and finishing
  • Fulfillment and distribution


From teaser to fully-designed brochure, RRD helped the client produce a launch experience through valuable print collateral that effectively communicated the brand’s story as well as vehicle specs, features, and availability. 

The client consequently developed a broader understanding of RRD’s comprehensive capabilities. As word spread about this project’s success and RRD’s far-reaching accountability, more brand business owners within the company requested similar help for end-to-end projects. Eventually, ad hoc projects grew into larger, multiple projects within other areas of the business.

Current discussions with the client include new ideas on CRM direct mail, pilot programs such as hand-raisers, and additional brochures. Further upstream opportunities include the design for printing efficiencies, speed-to-market execution, and exposure to best practices and ideas in the marketplace.

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