Outsourcing Data Processing Provides Extensive Cost Savings | Insurance

2/27/2023 RRD

Outsourcing Data Processing Provides Extensive Cost Savings | Insurance

RRD’s data processing services save leading insurance company $465K and eliminate need for ongoing software maintenance investments 


A leading mid-sized insurance company with an internal print shop and in-house composition management system sought to outsource their print center. In tandem, however, they wanted to maintain internal management of all composition design and change management workflows.

The required software needed to compose digital and print communications — as well as the required internal personnel needed to support and maintain the complex software tools — was a  significant cost burden. Ultimately, the company desired a way to reduce software and support costs while still maintaining control of the design process.


An existing relationship led the company to entrust RRD with completing a thorough analysis of existing processes. During the assessment, RRD proposed that the company keep their designer licenses and maintain complete control of their composition design environment. With this process, the client now completes and proofs all composition changes within their existing design environment and then sends all composition design files to RRD for data processing — instead of processing in-house.

This recommendation allowed the company to cancel previously-required production licenses, providing software, hardware, and staffing cost savings. RRD’s extensive platform and resources provided the company with distinct digital and print communications services, leveraging data processing and removing the cost burden of purchasing software tools for in-house use.

RRD now provides a full suite of digital- and print-related data processing services and sends  the processed output to RRD print shops or returns print-ready files.


Outsourcing print data processing to RRD provided the company with $465K in cost savings from the following:

  • Eliminated the need for external software to process data
  • Eliminated the need for personnel to run the software 
  • Eliminated the need for hardware, including data center operation and support

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