Single-Source Solution Overhauls Member Recognition, Drives Postage Savings | Life Sciences

7/22/2022 RRD

Single-Source Solution Overhauls Member Recognition, Drives Postage Savings | Life Sciences

RRD’s Flex Mailer™ brings value to appreciation program improvements, resulting in cost savings of $450K


A global nutrition company that operates through a network of independent distributor-members sought ways to enhance its outdated member recognition program. Recognition is a key element in sustaining success within a direct selling organization. Yet the look and feel of the current program lacked the “wow factor” needed to adequately reward outstanding performance. 

Without a polished and well-managed recognition program, the company jeopardized valuable relationships with their team members. Leadership decided that a complete program overhaul would be required to convey value to these stakeholders. Key elements of this overhaul included an improved user experience, creative direction, marketing collateral production, and fulfillment processes.


Having worked with RRD in various capacities in the past, the brand returned to a familiar partner initially for a print solution. However, it became evident that RRD was the only partner with the capabilities to handle all aspects of this recognition program overhaul. RRD flex mailer

RRD deployed multiple solutions, including the Get to know Flex Mailer™ — in less than 90 seconds.


Successful businesses know that recognizing the excellent performance of team members is key to their retention. With RRD centrally managing this refreshed program, distributors gained their well-earned recognition in a timely and truly unique manner. RRD’s production facility teams continue to handle the execution and fulfillment of program materials. 

Within the first three quarters of its relaunch, this client achieved $450K in postage savings and realized improvements in: 

  • Distributor engagement 
  • Program management
  • Turn times  
  • Print quality
  • Paper quality

Additionally, despite difficulties throughout the pandemic, the program continued to run as intended, recognizing distributor achievement and anniversaries.

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