Smoother Digital Workflow Aligns Multi-Site Teams | Financial Services

7/16/2021 RRD

Smoother Digital Workflow Aligns Multi-Site Teams | Financial Services

RRD workflow system enables financial services client to bring all business processes under one roof 


A global leader in risk and compliance solutions, this client maintains more than 60 locations across a dozen countries. The company provides relevant technology, industry analysis, and data insights to an array of client types. Its industry experts are available around the clock to help companies make decisions confidently.

The client’s service delivery team for global investment companies was spread across the U.S. and needed a unified, digital workflow solution that would simplify work request submission and tracking. Their earlier process of manually creating work orders by filling out a form needed to be replaced (gradually) with an automated process. Ideally, work requests could be created by simply forwarding the original client email, streamlining the allocation of requests to the right resource.

In exploring a new automated process, a few challenges emerged. For example, the dispersed service delivery teams were using different client management and activity tracking methodologies. Unifying the teams’ approach would be complicated. Also, sharing real-time work tracking information through Google Drive was hampered because of disparate operating systems being used. 

Lastly, different updates for the activity board, turn notes, and proofing trackers across sites hindered the process of updating the client’s drive consistently. Sometimes multiple groups were within the same site for various projects, which complicated the workflow and prevented real-time accuracy.  


To establish smooth processes and unify the teams’ methodologies, RRD deployed its a proprietary workflow automation tool (RRD METRICS) with a single-view dashboard for this client. By leveraging this tool, all the business processes of the client would be housed under one roof. 

This workflow automation tool can receive job requests directly from the client’s email and help the operations team track and monitor the workflow end-to-end. For this client, the tool streamlined work orders by placing them in different queues (according to the service levels and priority requests) for easy tracking.

The solution also eliminated the issue of OS discrepancy by serving as a common repository of relevant work details such as:

  • Job number and seal name
  • Received/processing/closing times
  • Internal/external errors
  • Operator/proofing details

To implement this solution, a clear and measured transition would be required. At the outset, RRD migrated all relevant information from the client’s drive into a consolidated drive for training. Their account profiles and documentation, history files and templates, reference work, end-client emails, and reference materials were all carried over. 

RRD also organized access for client teams and RRD users within the workflow tool and grouped them under a specific location and customer service  site. Based on this mapping, the job requests raised against a specific customer service site and location were automatically prioritized for further action. RRD METRICS also gave client users the ability to mark both single and multiple jobs as completed at the same time, reducing manual efforts to close jobs.


RRD's proprietary tool improved clarity and consistency of the workflow by highlighting jobs based on the received time and criteria, which helped users make timely and informed decisions. Further, color-coded alerts provided the client with instant insight into the processing time.. 

By creating a unique tracking method across all sites to facilitate data updates, RRD helped to generate cross-department synergies and an integrated digital workplace. This streamlined solution gave the client real-time visibility into work receipt, task allocation, status checks, and work delivery of every work order. The cloud-based solution also served as a database of all processed work for future reference.

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