Superfulfillment Advances Marketing Collateral Distribution and Compliance | Insurance

7/28/2022 RRD

Superfulfillment Advances Marketing Collateral Distribution and Compliance | Insurance

An integrated, self-service interface enables customized, auto-regulated orders for critical marketing materials


A top U.S. annuity company faced accuracy and efficiency challenges managing a large volume of consumer-facing marketing collateral orders. The materials — focused on individual retirement planning — varied by geographic location and consumer interest, and were governed by regulations. This made accurate distribution to both sales teams and consumers critical. 

The brand’s existing process for disseminating forms and application booklets to the appropriate sales channels lacked organization and proper assurance of regulatory compliance. The risk of inaccuracies and potential legal issues were growing to a level that required attention, but the brand lacked the internal IT resources necessary to meet evolving compliance standards.

To fulfill materials orders, the client was utilizing a pick-and-pack kitting process that included CDs to provide required compliance information. However, CDs were becoming increasingly obsolete, and the existing kitting mechanisms were time consuming and risk intensive. 

The brand sought an external partner to help develop a self-service way for sales channels to order materials and automatically delineate between state and firm restrictions, limiting available materials by subcategory within a single platform. Additionally, following a recent customization initiative due to heavy competition in the annuity space, the brand was looking to overhaul their design approach in order to make the materials more impressive to potential reseller entities.


The brand entrusted RRD to develop a full-service solution to improve accuracy, compliance, and design. RRD custom-built a Superfulfillment platform, complete with a self-service user interface and mobile-optimized app for ordering marketing materials. Based on user profile data, sales teams could quickly and easily order the correct kits, booklets, and brochures for their designated clients. 

Compliance-related business rules were built into the ordering process on the Superfulfillment platform, hiding or showing which materials were available to order based on specific user profiles and automatically applying restrictions to avoid errors in distribution. Within this solution, the brand was also able to execute digital communications, such as email campaigns. 

Additionally, RRD enabled a full variable printing and kitting solution to personalize collateral per client sub-category, handling booklet print-on-demand and static printing — this replaced the client’s existing pick-and-pack solution. A QR code for access to compliance information online was printed on each booklet to replace the outdated CD.  


RRD’s Superfulfillment solution supported this client’s unique approach to product launches, which meant arming sales channels with marketing collateral well before the product launch date. RRD’s solution was able to support these proactive, large-volume kit mailings, allowing the brand to focus solely on monetizing launches to drive new business.

Based on identified data principles (e.g., geographic regulation compliance), RRD prints and custom-assembles upward of 40,000 kits within two weeks, and distributes them to the correct sales channels. Since solution deployment, RRD continues to be a trusted business partner for this brand, executing programming, navigating regulatory requirements, and providing strategic solutions.

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