Print and Mail Support Help Provider Hit Critical Outreach Deadline | Healthcare


Print and Mail Support Help Provider Hit Critical Outreach Deadline | Healthcare

RRD’s expansive network and innovative approach supersede supply shortages, empowering Medicare Advantage provider’s outreach


A relatively new provider found early success specializing as a Medicare Advantage provider. They had created direct mail outreach kits to promote their services and reach prospects during the Medicare space’s allowable outreach window. 

The provider worked with a single regional print provider to create and fulfill multi-touch campaigns that included postcards, conventional mailings, and response items. However, the provider was frustrated by the vendor’s lack of transparency, which resulted in exacerbated delays and threatened their ability to hit critical outreach deadlines.

In addition, due to the pandemic, many print providers experienced supply shortages and other difficulties. While supply shortages were common, they were also incredibly problematic for the provider due to their limited outreach period and existing issues with their incumbent provider. 


The specialized provider reached out to RRD for support with these challenges. While supply shortages were a global issue, RRD enabled unparalleled supply access along with broader print capabilities. The RRD team of strategic experts provided an additional layer of service to create unique solutions and opportunities to maximize outreach potential.

At the outset, the client requested a quote for the comprehensive direct mail kit components. RRD immediately delivered on transparency while also being upfront about what it could and could not deliver and recommending accommodations that would ensure timely, high-quality fulfillment.

One of the items most needed to create a successful outreach kit was envelopes. Unfortunately, the envelope the client needed was unattainable due to quantity limits. By using a specific type of existing finishing equipment, RRD was able to create a new way of producing a modified envelope for the customer’s kits. Although different from the originally planned item, the solution enabled the customer to successfully create and distribute its direct mail kits within the allowable outreach period.

Additionally, RRD’s Direct Marketing Group has developed numerous direct mail tests to workshop different programs and methodologies. By taking a more strategic approach, the client has been able to repeatedly enhance its direct mail results and maximize ROI.


Expanding upon their initial partnership, RRD has continued to support this client through strategy, advising, and printing services. Outcomes include:

  • Successful kit fulfillment, despite ongoing supply shortages
  • 99% on-time mail rate
  • Numerous direct mail tests to increase ROI
  • Lower cost of acquiring new members

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