Variable 4-Color PIRX Cards and Relevant Content Heightens ROI | Retail

4/16/2020 RRD

Variable 4-Color PIRX Cards and Relevant Content Heightens ROI | Retail

Purchase history and versioned PIRX-card coupons create tailored messaging


A national retail marketer wanted to determine if it was worth the added cost to produce and mail a more costly 8-page mailer with several removable PIRX® card coupons versus a simplified 6-page self-mailer with perfed coupons. 


examples of perfed coupons and pirx card couponsRRD worked with the customer to develop a seven month test whereby both formats were mailed in equal amounts every month. Both formats were printed inline using RRD’s ProteusJet Multiweb press with 100% variable 4-color inkjet imaging.

The offers were similarly targeted with 4-color perfed coupons and PIRX card coupons being sent to recipients within each group so that results could be accurately analyzed.

The customer gathered transactional data on both formats over the seven month test and analyzed the data to determine the more effective format.


14% lift in ROI

Positive incremental store sale

PIRX card coupons were redeemed at a higher rate than perfed coupons

Although the larger 8-page PIRX card coupon format (Q3163) was more expensive to produce it was the clear winner over the 6-page self-mailer. 

The ability to image variable 4-color content throughout the mail piece is a key driver for the success of this program. Using customer purchase history, the versioned PIRX card coupons and targeted content helped create tailored and meaningful messaging.

PIRX card coupons were redeemed more often than the perfed coupons. Additionally, the larger format allowed extra space for editorial content that added a deeper level of relevance to the consumer.


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