Strengthening the Payer-Member Connection Through Care Kits | Healthcare

12/16/2021 RRD

Strengthening the Payer-Member Connection Through Care Kits | Healthcare

Creating boxes of wellness and fall prevention items from a single source 


A large managed care organization wanted to engage with their members during the pandemic by sending them care kits. Building these kits in-house was a complicated, burdensome process, from purchasing all kit items and boxes to creating promotional and printed materials.

The organization was seeking a partner with a proven track record who could provide an end-to-end care kit solution for them, lifting the burden of internal processes and managing cGMP compliance. They had never utilized an external partner for this initiative, and they wanted an accurate, high-quality representation of their company from a one-stop shop.


Together with the client’s internal team, RRD developed two kits for their Medicare members: a wellness kit and a fall prevention kit. The kit and its contents — each box contained five items — were purposefully curated to help build and expand the client-member relationship.

Each kit included a customized box, letter to the member, and branded promotional items related to its theme. The boxes were not a stock option and were manufactured with size determined by a kit’s overall content. The fall prevention kit was a collection of clever and useful items for those at risk of falling at home. Each kit was designed so that members would welcome this mix of helpful items into their daily lives.

Postcards were mailed 7-10 days before the kits’ shipment to notify members of their pending delivery. Awareness of the care kits’ arrival minimized delivery refusal and return-to-sender issues. To help control potential call center volume as members received the kits, shipment times were staggered.

RRD oversaw all steps and components of this project with a keen focus on the details and thorough processes required to create these thoughtful kits. For example, the size of the box was deliberately chosen so that a kit could fit in rural customers’ mailboxes.

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