ConnectOne Storefront Solution Streamlines Kitting and Distribution, Supports Store Openings | Manufacturing

10/21/2022 RRD

ConnectOne Storefront Solution Streamlines Kitting and Distribution, Supports Store Openings | Manufacturing

RRD’s proprietary solution supports ambitious storefront launch schedule, provides time and cost reductions 


A Fortune 500 manufacturing company faced inefficiencies in kitting and distributing custom start-up kits for their client’s new storefront openings. Their existing process was cumbersome, with parts being sent to field reps from five different locations. Field reps then had to bundle the parts and bring them to store openings, often in multiple trips. Additionally, kit components were not arriving at the same time, and packages were not clearly labeled. 

The company was also struggling to keep track of inventory levels at its own distribution centers, with parts becoming unavailable and on backorder past store opening dates. Further, the existing process did not allow reps to order customized hardware quantities based on location needs. 

The lack of visibility, inefficient bundling process, and delayed components made it difficult to meet client expectations. Ultimately, the company sought a strategic partner to provide the efficiencies needed to scale the program and meet the client’s store opening demands.


A relationship spanning more than 35 years and several business units led the company to call on RRD for additional support. RRD developed and deployed a ConnectOne Storefront? solution for all new location collateral. The web-based, integrated communications portal connects field reps directly to RRD’s network of print and fulfillment operations. Within the portal, users can place orders, monitor shipments, view inventory levels, and initiate kit builds.

With the new solution, all boxes and kits are shipped from RRD directly to field reps in one shipment, with RRD handling the warehousing, kitting, and fulfillment of all materials. Boxes are now clearly labeled to identify which store location they belong to, what parts they contain, and how many kit parts are included in the shipment.  

If any issues arise, the field rep only needs to reach out to one RRD point of contact to rectify the issue instead of five different manufacturing locations. Additionally, the new process only requires one trip to set up each new store location instead of the multiple trips required before. 


The ConnectOne Storefront solution provides on-demand and on-time deliveries, simplifying the company’s kitting and fulfillment process and exceeding their end user’s expectations. The portal also provides field reps with an efficient, user-friendly way to place orders for customized, client-branded training collateral. 

As store openings increase, the company’s team can better scale productions to accommodate additions to the client’s store opening schedule. Additional cost-saving benefits include:

  • Process efficiencies (e.g., streamlined approval process, enhanced customization, improved inventory management)
  • Reductions in waste, backorders, and overall shipments
  • Time savings, as field reps now only need to order one kit item vs 15 separate items, and only make one trip to each new location

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