Enhancing Brand Affinity, Distinction Through Creative Leadership | Financial Services

8/15/2019 RRD

Enhancing Brand Affinity, Distinction Through Creative Leadership | Financial Services

Centralized operations to boost workflow efficiency


When a major financial services client sought the support of an on-site creative services team, it wasn’t merely for creative ideation and art direction. When they partnered with RRD Marketing Solutions (RRD-MS), it was at a time when this multi-national brand struggled to streamline workflows, realize time and cost efficiencies, improve team morale, as well as provide its global marketing division consistent (yet impactful) brand administration.


Following a brief, but intensive period of review, RRD-MS discovered significant overlap and duplication in how workflows and tasks were allocated and owned. As a result, RRD-MS then centralized operations improve workflow efficiency. This restructure also spurred on additional best practices:

  • A deliberate reduction in the number of people needed to execute the work
  • Implementation of an asset management system for increased productivity and level of service
  • Continuous improvement programs measured through agreed service level approvals
  • Key performance indicators provide on-going opportunities to increase scope of services, reduce costs and tighten delivery time


+98% jobs delivered within budget and on time

Error rate under 1% during five-year span

Staff productivity averaging over 85%

Within 18 months of the restructuring, the client’s creative services team fully integrated into the culture RRD-MS created, participating in our team and morale building activities, socializing with staff outside of working hours and championing the studio process. According to our client satisfaction survey, our brand stewardship efforts received an 85% satisfaction rate and resulted in a contract renewal without RFP.

RRD-MS was subsequently awarded an additional divisional contract, adding a staff of 17 designers and project managers to an existing staff of 20. Additionally, to date, we have completed two global rebrands for both the client’s marketing and operational print and Web assets. Our onsite team was also awarded Platinum and Gold Marcom awards in 2017 for two product brand refreshes and corporate responsibility materials.


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