Digital-Reliant Startup Expands Consumer Reach With Direct Mail Pivot | Financial Services

9/16/2022 RRD

Digital-Reliant Startup Expands Consumer Reach With Direct Mail Pivot | Financial Services

Growing brand incorporates direct mail into media mix, increasing response rates and augmenting out-of-home presence  


A fintech lending services startup was looking to pivot beyond its traditional digital marketing channels and expand its prospective consumer reach. Recognizing the need to incorporate direct mail into their media buy mix in order to hit desired growth targets, the brand sought a partner to facilitate a test campaign.

The company had previously run two direct mail tests with another print supplier, but was unsatisfied with the content, offer and messaging hierarchy, call-to-action positioning, and results. As a startup, the brand was hesitant to reinvest in another mailing program. However, they identified direct mail as a critical component of evolving their go-to-market strategy.


An existing relationship led the client to call on RRD’s direct mail experts to provide consultative, end-to-end guidance in developing a mail strategy. Due to previously unsuccessful experiences, the brand valued a partner who would take an educational approach to the relationship — consulting on everything from appropriate call-to-actions (CTAs) to design while allowing the brand to be an integral part of the process. 

RRD developed and oversaw the development, design, and fulfillment of two successful mail drops with varied branding and CTAs based on current client goals. RRD was able to scale the brand’s initial test programs, paving a path for eventual growth. 

The campaigns included differing mail pieces with both non-branded and branded outer envelopes and letters. Buck slips included testimonials, QR codes for a direct drive-to-web response option, and additional CTAs. The programming also allowed the brand to track click-throughs across the recipient’s digital journey.


The initial mail campaign performed better than expected, bolstering the client’s belief in direct mail as an effective medium and in RRD as a trusted supplier. RRD’s in-house experts helped the brand elevate standards and practices as it pertains to creative, design, messaging, CTA, and offer hierarchy, leading to response success across the board. 

Additionally, RRD was able to recommend and facilitate commingled mail to enhance postage optimization. RRD also consulted on set up and mail delivery tracking. Ultimately, the campaign coordinated mail in-market in tandem with existing digital products, augmenting out-of-home presence and expanding consumer reach for a fast-growing brand.

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