Development of Multilingual Web Store Drives New Product Launch | Healthcare

8/15/2019 RRD

Development of Multilingual Web Store Drives New Product Launch | Healthcare

A study in success: Web store development for European marketing campaign


Under tight timelines, a global medical device company that specializes in diabetes care planned a launch of a new product in the European market. To promote this product launch, the company developed a multichannel marketing campaign that required support infrastructure in two key areas:

  • Development of a multilingual Web store for European sales representatives to order marketing collateral specific to their territory
  • Print-on-demand production for multiple types of printed materials in several languages to support a Pan-European sales force and meet fluctuating order levels

The company also sought a push-pull model where the marketing team could push new collateral straight to sales representatives, and sales representatives could pull relevant materials as needed.


In order for the company to make this marketing campaign a success, they needed external support. Leveraging RRD’s global infrastructure and wide-ranging capabilities aided in the development of a solution that brought many disparate elements in the marketing campaign into one cohesive, coordinated operation.

The result was a solution that incorporated:

  • Multilingual Web store development enabled sales representatives to order print materials and product samples.

  • Order management began with print production in one of RRD’s European print facilities and culminated in fulfillment direct to the European sales force.

  • Print production incorporated both offset and print-on-demand to facilitate optimum order quantities of collateral.

  • Flexible delivery offered options from next-day to three-day delivery.

  • Reporting provided the client detailed insight into collateral and product sample usage by sales representatives in the field.


RRD implemented this world class marketing support solution in just three months. The on-demand availability of collateral and product samples helped sales representatives to meet the unique selling challenges created by the new product launch.

Marketing now has ultimate control over which materials are approved and pushed to representatives, ensuring the brand remains consistent on all collateral.

Additionally, training videos were developed in five different languages to ensure the rapid adoption of the web portal by sales representatives.


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