RRD Facility Spotlight: T/O Printing


RRD Facility Spotlight: T/O Printing

For 30 years, T/O Printing has provided its customers with solutions for direct mail, commercial print, secured print, and healthcare communications. Situated in a 40,000-square-foot facility just outside of Los Angeles in Westlake Village, California, T/O boasts a large number of clients in the SoCal region.

“We’re a full-service provider, capable of giving our clients a boutique level of service and attention,” says Curt Thornton, T/O’s President. “Whatever they need, we have a solution for that.”

Curt provided details on the facility, its many customer solutions, and how its employees create the company’s “can do” culture.

What about this facility makes it unique in the marketplace?

Curt Thornton (CT): With regards to technology, T/O Printing is able to custom-build automated workflows for each project’s requirements, providing our customers with unique solutions to reach their targeted objectives. We also offer same-day turnaround on print, insertion, and mailing — recognizing how critical turnaround times can be for many of our customers. And on a related note, our facility’s smart inserters can take on a range of materials and process them at high speeds, all the while providing the accuracy and integrity that our clients and their customers expect. Finally, I should highlight our secure kitting and fulfillment capabilities, featuring 100% technology-based accountability and real-time reporting to meet CMS requirements.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t also stress how crucial our people are to the operation, and how they set us apart from other facilities. Their commitment to our customers as well as their ability to develop solutions for complex jobs have helped propel us to the forefront of our industry — no small feat, especially during these challenging times. Our people boast multiple years of experience in their respective areas of expertise, and they’re also cross-trained across various areas of the business.

If you had to narrow it down to one, what do you consider your facility’s forte?

CT: Healthcare communications are our specialty, accounting for the lion’s share of T/O Printing's business. We take great pride in our legacy in this area, and in having built upon that legacy in recent years. Our multiple certifications — including HIPAA, cGMP, PHI, HITRUST, and AT101/SOC2 — allow us to undertake and provide successfully viable solutions for even the most complex healthcare jobs and projects.

In addition, we are an RRD level-4 secure facility, approved to handle confidential and private information. Our security features include badge-only access and camera recording/CCTV monitoring in production areas where private or confidential work is carried out. Other areas require additional clearance as well, providing the utmost level of security to our clients.

Can you share a client project where your facility’s technology played a critical role?

CT: We were recently tasked with mailing up to 600 letters per day for a leading health solution and care delivery organization. Once the mailing was completed, the customer also required a detailed report containing tracking information for each letter. 

T/O Printing had strict deadlines for the project — receiving files on weekday afternoons or Saturdays, with each file printed and ready for pickup by 6:15 p.m. the same day. The tracking report also had to be uploaded to an SFTP site shortly thereafter. 

Due to this incredibly tight turnaround, T/O Printing had to develop a completely hands-free digital workflow. We designed an in-house solution that automatically downloads the customer’s files, decompresses them, converts them to the required print format, and then pushes them to our digital press. In addition, the workflow scrapes the shipping information (name and address) from each file and generates a UPS shipping file, which it then pushes to our shipping department.

Once the shipping labels are printed, the workflow generates the tracking report and uploads it to the SFTP site. This automated workflow eliminates the need for any members of our prepress, data processing, or mail departments to touch the files. Because of the solution we custom-developed, T/O Printing is able to reliably meet this customer’s requirements.

As business evolves, what role do you see T/O Printing playing in your clients' evolution? How are you helping clients evolve to keep pace with their customers' demands?

CT: Because T/O has the support of RRD’s global network, we have the ability to scale to whatever capacity a client might need. Furthermore, that support enables us to provide additional vertical offerings as client needs change and markets evolve — from tech integration and data insight to content and creative design, compliance, and multi-channel distribution print and fulfillment, including print-on-demand capabilities. We fully understand and have the expertise to help our clients through the process of future-proofing marcom services beyond just printing services.

To learn more about this facility, visit our T/O Printing location page.

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