RRD’s Proprietary Solution Streamlines Start-of-Care Kit Distribution, Compliance | Healthcare

10/18/2022 RRD

RRD’s Proprietary Solution Streamlines Start-of-Care Kit Distribution, Compliance |  Healthcare

ConnectOne Storefront?, RRD's on-demand asset management portal, provides client’s clinicians with inventory management system and significant time savings


A leading national home healthcare company with over 300 independently owned franchises across 41 states faced significant efficiency challenges getting start-of-care kits out to their field of caregivers. 

The current process involved independent caregivers driving to satellite offices to pick up necessary supplies prior to in-home health visits. The system lacked inventory management, added unnecessary time and costs to each health visit, and reduced potential patient capacity.

The company’s leadership sought a means to improve clinician time management and satisfaction, both integral to their continued growth and support. Additionally, they sought a means for local marketing teams to order materials to support employee recognition initiatives, build new hire welcome kits, and distribute employee apparel. 


RRD quickly recognized a need for supplemental technology that could provide their client with a storefront for start-of-care kit collateral, a central ordering mechanism, and formal inventory management.

RRD worked hand-in-hand with internal client teams to build a full-service ConnectOne Storefront? solution, including a portal that clinicians could access to order necessary start-of-care kit supplies directly to their homes. 

Start-of-care kit items available on the storefront include promotional items, medication bags, and new patient books required for full compliance — all critical to streamlined patient-clinician relations and compliant, successful patient onboarding. Additionally, the portal was built to include local marketing collateral and employee recognition tools, which relevant personnel could order directly to their homes as well. 

RRD also provides complete inventory management of all kit materials — a first for the client — as well as kitting and fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics support. A centralized order management and distribution system was also developed and deployed.


With successful early engagement — nearly 200 orders per month — the company’s ConnectOne Storefront portal continues to grow in scale, providing previously unavailable visibility. It is enabling the company to make effective, evidence-based business decisions. Additional benefits include:

  • The facilitation of over 15,000 start-of-care kits YTD
  • Significant clinician time savings and reduced fuel costs 
  • On-demand access to compliant patient-critical collateral
  • Increased productivity and commitment to comprehensive patient care
  • Cost savings due to accurate inventory ordering and management

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