Award-Winning Color Matching Solution Enhances Greenleaf’s Packaging | Manufacturing


Award-Winning Color Matching Solution Enhances Greenleaf’s Packaging | Manufacturing

RRD’s precise color matching work with Greenleaf takes Judge’s Award top honors at 2022 Paperboard Packaging Competition


Greenleaf™, a leading home fragrance manufacturer owned by the Grace Management Group, sought a means to ensure color consistency across varied product packaging. Greenleaf carries a variety of candle and home fragrance product lines with multiple stock-keeping units (SKUs) in each line. The products are sold at brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce outlets. 

To achieve a premium and distinctive brand expression, Greenleaf’s fragrance oils and air freshener packaging features various reproductions of artists’ paintings intended to capture the essence of each scent. With approximately one dozen seasonally-changing fragrance options per product, Greenleaf’s customers can select the home fragrance and packaging that best suits their decor and aroma preferences.

Featuring a range of original artwork on packaging can present challenges, namely achieving consistency across color variations when running cartons offset. The production of multiple SKUs at varied volumes can also present challenges in more traditional printing operations. There were also instances where colors had to be matched across different material substrates. Ultimately, Greenleaf sought a partner to provide precise color matching and right-size manufacturing expertise for the production of their folding cartons. 


RRD’s digital paperboard packaging 1 printing capabilities helped Greenleaf overcome these hurdles by reducing the complexity of color matching and optimizing the press proof process. The resulting solution enabled the management of multiple SKUs simultaneously with no color inconsistencies.

RRD’s digital production speed and agility brought Greanleaf’s ultimate vision to fruition. The solution enabled Greenleaf to honor the artwork featured on their packaging while also delivering the sophisticated brand experience consumers have come to expect. 

With multiple SKUs, seasonally-changing artwork, and varying quantity ranges, Greenleaf continues to work with RRD to produce their folding carton packaging for color match and right-size manufacturing. In addition to those solutions, RRD produces pressure-sensitive prime labels for Greenleaf’s products — all matched to the brand’s assets.


At the Paperboard Packaging Competition hosted by the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC),  RRD Packaging Solutions was the recipient of a Top Award — the Judges’ Award — for expertise in precise color match and right-size manufacturing for this partnership with Greenleaf. The close collaboration and complex solution continue to allow Greenleaf to provide a memorable brand experience and unique artwork application, bringing their packaging to life.

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