National Home Improvement Brand Revamps In-Store Signage | Retail

12/16/2021 RRD

National Home Improvement Brand Revamps In-Store Signage | Retail


Higher quality, lower-cost solutions drives growth across more than 2,000 locations


A leading home improvement retailer with over 2,200 locations was facing service, quality, and delivery challenges as it managed relationships with multiple retail signage vendors. 

Quality, speed of creative services, and innovation on ways to improve the business were all lacking. Over a span of years, issue resolution and increased costs due to service interruptions proved overwhelming.

For in-store signage of the highest quality, lowest cost, and increased speed-to-market, the retailer was determined to identify an end-to-end provider for both content creation and production execution to achieve these goals — and, to provide ongoing innovation as the business grew and evolved.


Integrated into the retailer’s in-store environment, RRD became that end-to-end provider, handling the execution of every project. RRD had a comprehensive understanding of the retailer’s needs and was able to address them all with core competencies, which include:

  • Creative services
  • Project management
  • In-house production
  • Sourcing (as needed to augment internal offerings)
  • Kitting and delivery

The right support team would prove critical in providing the client a smooth transition to its new end-to-end provider for both content creation and production execution. RRD provided on-site leadership that included: a key account manager, a manager from each of the functional areas noted above, and a dedicated creative service team and print production team tailored to meet their specific needs. Best-in-class standards for quality creative and quick, efficient solutions were expected and delivered.


RRD helped this client achieve a 13-day time compression on front-end lead time for their weekly program. Implementing a home plant model included fully integrating creative, planning, and production calendars, plus supporting increased efficiencies in consolidated printing. This model eliminated the practice of using multiple printers who shipped product to a single consolidator. 

Further benefits of the home plant model would include:

  • Reducing additional freight by moving production to a consolidation center and reducing time in the schedule to allow for shipping 
  • Streamlining pre-production by removing touchpoints and automating demand data ingestion 
  • Attaining more timely tracking reports and an accuracy rating of 99.9% by controlling all shipping 
  • Opening up additional consolidation opportunities by compressing the timeline 
  • Enabling the client to increase the number of in-store engagements during an unprecedented growth period due to the cost and time savings delivered  

RRD’s end-to-end support and execution structure helped this home improvement retailer create more relevant moments for customers within the same given budget. This outcome was achieved by delivering a 21% cost reduction per project, enabling the retailer to increase projects by 18.5% over two years.

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