Packaging Enhancements, Creative Redesign Improve Customer Experience | Retail


Packaging Enhancements, Creative Redesign Improve Customer Experience | Retail

RRD’s folding carton packaging solution enables creative redesign, provides cost savings for leading cookie retailer 


A nationally recognized cookie company sought external support to address both packaging quality and design concerns. Working with an incumbent vendor, they faced communication and quality challenges. They needed to order a replenishment supply of their primary cookie packaging, but wanted to improve packaging quality to prevent grease from forming on the outside of their cookie boxes. Additionally, they aimed to eliminate their current use of waxed paper liners, which were cost-prohibitive to include in every package.

Furthermore, the company wanted to rebrand their existing cookie box and feature completely new graphics. The company ultimately sought to replace their existing vendor with a partner who could quickly support these performance, production, and design improvements. 


The client entrusted RRD’s Packaging Solutions team due to their single-source support capabilities — from consultative creative design support to production and fulfillment. 

RRD’s GO Creative team was engaged to brainstorm the updated packaging graphics. Working closely with the client’s team, new packaging was developed and produced, including an updated folding carton structure with the desired grease-resistant barrier. Within a short turnaround time, updated creative branding was also finalized and printed on the new packaging.


RRD’s packaging engineering and creative design teams quickly solved the company’s packaging challenges. RRD produced thousands of high-quality folding cartons that kept the company’s cookies protected, eliminated the use of costly waxed paper liners, and featured consistent branding. The solution provided the following benefits:

  • Cost savings on per-unit pricing for individual packaging
  • Quickly restocked packaging inventory to support high-volume retail orders 
  • Improved customer experience with grease-resistant packaging 
  • Rebranded packaging supported new design initiatives, elevating their brand messaging

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