Optimized User Experience Boosts New App Downloads, Retention | Healthcare


Optimized User Experience Boosts New App Downloads, Retention | Healthcare

RRD’s consultative analysis helps leading hospital network surpass new mobile app adoption rate goal by 208%


A leading American community hospital network was preparing to launch a new mobile app. In an effort to ensure a successful launch, a high customer adoption rate, and a seamless customer experience, they sought support from an external partner. Specifically, they wanted a vendor who could conduct consumer research, test new features, and assess overall app usability — and then use those insights to optimize the app. 


The hospital network turned to RRD’s Precision Dialogue team for support. The RRD team conducted usability testing with a group of participants — predominantly consisting of current or former patients. The participants were asked to use the app to perform various multi-step tasks such as locating a new primary physician close to their location and scheduling an appointment. RRD then performed a comprehensive analysis of all gathered results.

After a thorough review, RRD suggested the hospital network implement the following recommendations to simplify user experience and increase clickability:

  • Removal of underutilized app features
  • Process improvements for finding doctors or locations
  • Improved design and visibility of key icons and CTAs


Three months after the app was launched, the client achieved the following results:

  • Over 10,000 app downloads, 208% higher than the client’s initial goal
  • 14% higher app retention on iOS compared to the marketplace average
  • Over 32,000 appointment schedule scans by app users
  • Over 1,500 location searches by app users
  • Over 1,500 providers found by app users

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