Optichannel Campaign Drives New Market Awareness, Engagement | Restaurant

7/2/2020 RRD

Optichannel Campaign Drives New Market Awareness, Engagement | Restaurant

National brand expansion starts with genuine interest at the local level


As this American fast casual restaurant chain continued to expand across the United States, driving awareness, excitement, and involvement in new markets became one of the brand’s primary goals. To achieve this, the QSR collaborated with RRD Marketing Solutions to design a multichannel approach to engage local subscribers prior to new store openings. 


RRD developed a multichannel engagement campaign to excite prospective customers and maintain their interest leading up to (and after) the opening of a new restaurant in their neighborhood. By leveraging Facebook announcements that drove users to an interest page on the client’s website, it was able to target large groups of handraisers in new markets.

The campaign rolled out in three distinctive phases, driving interaction via email, online, at home and in-person.


Email. Introductory emails were sent to the target audience announcing a new location and extended an invitation to attend a pre-opening event. The email included a call-to-action that drove subscribers to a custom landing page with several options to RSVP. Technical components included:

  • Fully-responsive email design
  • HTML production and AMPscripting
  • Deployment via Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Web. The RSVP landing page provided subscribers with real-time availability for the event. Once the user selected a time and party size, a personalized confirmation page appeared containing the selected date and time, number of guests, as well as an interactive map of the new restaurant location. Development components included:

  • Fully-responsive web page design
  • HTML production and AMPscripting
  • Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Direct Mail. Responders who were confirmed to attend a “Sneak Peek Training Meal” event received a letter package with golden hot dog tickets for each person in their group. Those unable to attend received two coupons in the mail, redeemable after the restaurant opening. Direct Mail services included:

  • Design collaboration, print production and assembly
  • Address standardization, postage and mailing
  • Barcoding for faster delivery times


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