Pressure Sensitive Label Gives Customers Peace of Mind | QSR

4/20/2020 RRD

Pressure Sensitive Label Gives Customers Peace of Mind | QSR

Label solution aligns with pizza company's new cleanliness and safety standards  


As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the United States, a nationwide pizza company saw the number of delivery orders dramatically increase.  Prior to COVID-19, the majority of the orders were placed directly with the pizza shop but the pandemic changed that.

Numerous food delivery choices (e.g., Door Dash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, etc.) expanded during the COVID crisis, which moved the delivery of the meal from a trusted employee to a potentially unknown delivery provider.  This change led to growing safety and security concerns from customers around the possibility of delivery drivers “sampling” the food  being delivered. 


example of tamper evident labelRRD presented a label to the pizza brand that allowed them to “seal” each pizza box. The purpose of the label was two-fold:

1. Deter the delivery person from opening the box to "sample" the product
2. Give the customer peace of mind that their product was not tampered with after leaving the restaurant


An initial order of tamper evident delivery labels will be distributed to locations nationwide.  A letter from the company's president (posted on the website) highlights the proactive steps the company is taking to address new cleanliness and safety standards.  The tamper evident labels align perfectly with these initiatives.

Tamper evident delivery labels are not limited to pizza boxes.  Every retail food chain offering meals for delivery should be “sealing” their packaging in some way. A tamper evident label — designed with the most appropriate label security features — is an excellent way to do that.


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