Full-Service Campaign Management Drives Scalable Email Program | Retail

5/4/2021 RRD

Full-Service Campaign Management Drives Scalable Email Program | Retail

Partnership with industry experts yields direct bottom-line results 


A large, high-end global retailer needed support for their email program across more than 25 markets. They were seeking faster execution, accurate performance reporting, and an optimized budget. However, four main obstacles stood in their way:

  • A lack of clean email data
  • Limited strategic focus on contact frequency and cadence
  • Limited email reporting capabilities and insights
  • Lack of operational efficiencies and innovation associated with standard marketing emails and transactional messaging  


RRD served as a strategic trusted advisor to this client for improving their email program. As a partner in full-service campaign management, RRD dedicated a team of experts to execute a slew of multifaceted services. These services covered:

  • Campaign ideation and contact strategy, including send-time optimization, Gmail inbox placement, and natural language processing.
  • Audience targeting, including a win-back program, non-buyer activation, and a new customer program.
  • Email production and template creation with ongoing consultative analytics for email cadence optimization.
  • Campaign workflow design and development with targeted programs for e-commerce customers.
  • Performance reporting and program optimization, including incremental dashboards and email testing.
  • System integrations established between Adobe Analytics and Campaign to support real-time triggers.


By establishing clean email data, producing an analytically optimized contact strategy, and enhancing email reporting, RRD helped the client significantly overhaul the performance of their email program. 

The headline achievement from this engagement: Delivered 1.25B emails via 3,556 global campaigns, driving $142.5M in direct revenue. Additional outcomes included:

  • Open rate +18.2% vPY
  • Direct conversions +54.8% vPY
  • Revenue contribution to dotcom +77.2%

RRD’s capacity for further support includes customer journey mapping and customer value analysis. Understanding existing customer needs and patterns can potentially shape deeper marketing initiatives for the organization.

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