Global Firm's Appreciation Kits Foster Virtual Communication | Financial Services

1/19/2021 RRD

Global Firm's Appreciation Kits Foster Virtual Communication | Financial Services

RRD executes client’s creative strategy to drive appreciation and enable virtual employee engagement 


The COVID-19 pandemic created many communication challenges for a large global investment firm and its workplace education line of business. Typical engagement with their clients was done through regional on-site benefair events, where they can present and promote value-added products and services to their customer’s employees in a one-on-one setting. 

In 2020, however, they needed an alternative strategy to achieve the same objectives.

To thank their clients for enduring the challenging year and to show appreciation for a continued partnership with clients who organize these benefairs, the firm wanted to design and produce new boxed appreciation kits. 

These boxes would serve two purposes:

1. Test new creative strategies for appreciating plan sponsors who are partnering above and beyond to drive further client engagement

2. Provide continued support and thank existing workplace education clients for persevering through a challenging 2020 and enable these clients to more easily connect virtually with employees  


RRD’s extensive network of experts and specialists around the U.S. collaborated to create a branded box designed to be an appreciation package for nurturing relationships with current clients. The branded appreciation package contained:

  • A custom-designed thank you note
  • A branded webcam designed to enable clients to conduct appropriate virtual events or one-on-one outreach with employees
  • A branded drink tumbler as an employee raffle item
  • A box of business cards with workplace education team contact information


This kit solution bridges the gap between a historically physical experience to a new virtual experience.

The kit nurtures the firm’s partnership with its key clients using an innovative solution for navigating a challenging business environment. Subsequently, this project helped the firm communicate with their end customers in a wide array of vertical markets.

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