Global Franchise Gains Kitting Efficiencies Via Automated Management System | Retail

10/22/2020 RRD

Global Franchise Gains Kitting Efficiencies Via Automated Management System | Retail

An innovative solution provides vast improvements in marketing program efficiency for 4,000+ franchisees 


A leading global manufacturer of tools and equipment provides marketing services to its 4,000+ franchisees. The marketing program — including signage and in-store printed material to promote products and special offers — used a rotating promotional calendar that required dynamic marketing kits for each regional location.

Kit components were printed, kitted, and shipped quarterly with eight different vendors providing various services. Problems included:

  • Unpredictable shipments of the marketing materials
  • Missing materials from kits
  • Boxes were difficult to identify upon receipt
  • Lack of display and usage instructions 
  • Employee confusion and frustration

As a result of the disorganization, sales started to suffer. The company needed a partner that could provide an efficient solution to meet the growing demands of the marketing program.  


RRD introduced a print fulfillment and distribution solution that includes the Rollout Management System, a proprietary software solution. This innovative system provides fast, precise, and automated distribution of in-store printed materials with convenience, control, and accountability for end-to-end campaign management.

This solution met the demanding marketing program requirements that included:

  • Prompt monthly shipments to over 3,000 locations 
  • Variation in kit components based on 11 different regions with accuracy and quality
  • Promotional printed material including sales sheets and product brochures
  • Point of purchase signage for product and special promotions
  • Consistency and control of brand and messaging on promotional material
  • Redesigned shipping boxes with a wraparound label that helps franchisees identify the shipment upon receipt
  • Packing lists and clear instructions to indicate box contents and usage expectations

The company was able to reduce its eight vendors down to a single-source provider in RRD. We were able to cut costs, improve efficiencies, and increase franchisee satisfaction.


The benefits of RRD’s implementation of the Rollout Management System included:

  • Reduced printing costs by 25-35%
  • Improved cycle time by 2-3 weeks
  • Increased franchisee participation from 70% to 90%

The company’s aggressive growth plan requires routine changes to its marketing materials. RRD consults with the marketing staff regularly to present optimal production solutions and manage production, storage, kitting, and distribution for over 100 dynamic kit components.

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