Supply Chain Overhaul Streamlines Remote Patient Care Kit Workflow | Life Sciences

2/29/2024 RRD

Supply Chain Overhaul Streamlines Remote Patient Care Kit Workflow | Life Sciences

RRD’s Supply Chain Solutions team eliminates supply chain complexity, enables healthcare company to refocus on core business functions


A leading healthcare company, wanting to increase their commitment to remote care, created a remote peritoneal dialysis program to provide patients with greater access to at-home care. 

The program involved the daily delivery of customized convenience packs to a patient’s home.  Ordered directly through an online portal, the convenience packs are used alongside the patient’s home dialysis machine and contain items such as cleaning fluid, band-aids, wipes, sponges, dressings, gauze, and tape. 

The main challenge the company faced was managing the level of customization required with each convenience pack. The varying mix of components and quantities added a layer of complexity to the supply chain and resulted in the use of multiple distribution centers, high inventory, and high pick, pack, and ship costs. Ultimately, the company aimed to lower costs and reduce supply chain complexity.


The client entrusted RRD Supply Chain Solutions to create a solution to sync with their own existing systems. The solution included:

  • Management of all convenience pack component suppliers 
  • Inventory maintenance control for all materials
  • Management of return processes
  • Assurance that all components and suppliers met regulatory and quality standards
  • All convenience packs were packed out and shipped directly to each patient’s home

RRD also worked with the healthcare company to develop a monthly convenience pack based on a patient’s typical monthly usage. This monthly convenience pack was offered alongside the core program and contained a standardized number of components, further simplifying their supply chain model.


Through this strategic partnership, the healthcare company increased supply chain flexibility, eliminated complexity, and reduced costs. Other benefits included:

  • Reduced inventory and storage costs
  • Simplified order acquisition 
  • Increased warehouse space availability 
  • Reduced logistics costs

By working with RRD, the healthcare company was able to eliminate complexity from their renal care program supply chain and apply a greater focus to core business functions. The company no longer internally manages suppliers, inventory, logistics, quality, and pack-out. Instead, RRD now supports their complete convenience pack supply chain


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