Combine your direct mail with digital channels — and lift your response.

Instead of sending a traditional solo direct mail campaign, Marketing Hub LIFT adds a range of digital technologies to create an omni-channel experience. Multiple impressions are delivered to individual recipients, driving increased response and improving campaign ROI.

Marketing Hub LIFT by RRD dashboard

How does it work?

Our dashboard makes it easy to monitor how your direct mail campaign is performing. Behind the scenes, Marketing Hub LIFT matches each recipient to a range of digital technologies, tracking real-time engagement and identifying visitors to your website.

  • SocialMatch – Deliver ads directly to your mailing audience on Facebook and Instagram, before your mail piece is delivered
  • Mail Tracking – Track and record when your direct mail is delivered to each address
  • Informed Delivery – Include a full-color, clickable ad that complements your direct mailing, within the email preview sent by the USPS
  • Call Tracking – Receive real-time updates and recordings of every phone call that results from your mailing
  • QR Code – Maximize engagement while increasing and tracking responses using live scan data
  • Online Follow-Up – Remarket to individuals who visit and leave your website, with ads throughout the Google Display Network
  • Social Media Follow-Up – Display related ads on Facebook and Instagram feeds
  • LEADMatch – Uncover anonymous website visitors, enabling additional direct mail touchpoints

The value proposition

Marketing Hub LIFT and its seamless digital integration enhance the reach and provide attribution of targeted direct mail campaigns. Additional benefits include:

Eight to 16 touches to your direct mail recipients for a fraction of the cost of a stamp

Real-time, trackable results through a customizable dashboard

Simplified and effective marketing strategy through a single partner

Highly visible lead opportunities means no money is left on the table

Direct mail attribution is at your fingertips — and across multiple channels.

The magic is in the dashboard, and we’ll show you how it works. Request a demo of Marketing Hub LIFT today.

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