Discover a new resource for promoting your products in an evolving and highly regulated industry.

From project kickoff to after-market analysis, the success of your next product launch depends on checking a lot of boxes.

To gain efficiencies in this complicated process, rely on an integrated team of life sciences experts who have been there and done that — for more than 25 years.

Backed by an unmatched national and global footprint, RRD’s Life Sciences group provides medtech and pharmaceutical companies with the centralized marketing and supply chain support they need to get to market quickly and without error.

Solutions that streamline product launches

At RRD, we provide comprehensive solutions so innovators in life sciences capitalize on opportunities and streamline the processes associated with bringing products to market.

  • Creative Execution

    Creative Execution

    Gain access to a complete creative suite of pre-production services that align with the variable nature of your creative needs — throughout a product’s life cycle.

    • 3D animation
    • Branding and rebranding
    • E-documents and e-IFU
    • Flexible production services
    • Educational and training materials
    • Human factor testing
    • Document remediation
    • Video production
  • Marketing Communications

    Marketing Communications

    Through a global network of production facilities, brands in life sciences can tap into the scalability and expertise needed to support all marketing communications, from product launch through all healthcare-professional and consumer-facing communications.

    • E-detailing
    • Marketing collateral
    • Microsites
    • Point-of-purchase
    • Print-on-demand
    • Marketing inserts
    • Signage
  • Packaging


    Partner with one trusted source to produce product packaging and manage the increasingly complex direct material supply chains that comes with it.

    • Barcode/Identification labels
    • Folded carton design, testing, production
    • Human factor testing
    • Instructions for use (IFUs)
    • On-product labels
    • Package reverse engineering
    • Product instructions
  • Kitting & Fulfillment

    Kitting & Fulfillment

    Sustain growth and improve speed-to-market through a globally integrated network designed to execute complex cost centers involving compliance, regulatory information, and kitted products for dynamic distribution.

    • Component outsourcing
    • Convenience kits
    • Diagnostic kits
    • DTC product sampling
    • Enrollment kits
    • Marketing collateral
    • Medical procedural kits
    • Product demo kits

Diagnostic Test Kit Support

Because external support means exponential scalability

Like any growing product category, test kit production and delivery brings a unique set of challenges. RRD powers test kit production through a wide range of capabilities.

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4 Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Insights for Medical Device Companies

The pandemic’s impact on supply chains around the globe revealed a number of vulnerabilities-turned-opportunities for medical device companies.

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