Discover a new resource for promoting your products in an evolving and highly regulated industry.

From project kickoff to after-market analysis, the success of your next product launch depends on checking a lot of boxes.

To gain efficiencies in this complicated process, rely on an integrated team of life sciences experts who have been there and done that — for more than 25 years.

Backed by an unmatched national and global footprint, RRD’s Life Sciences group provides medtech and pharmaceutical companies with the centralized marketing and supply chain support they need to get to market quickly and without error.

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Streamline product launches.

At RRD, we provide comprehensive solutions so Life Sciences innovators capitalize on opportunities and streamline the processes associated with bringing products to market.

Creative solutions

Structural packaging design

Omnichannel solutions

cGMP production

Supply chain optimization

Fulfillment and distribution

Explore life sciences solutions.

Gain speed-to-market, scalability, and new capabilities in one stop.

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Medtech and pharmaceutical marketing

Promote your products to consumers and healthcare professionals with turnkey scalable marketing solutions.

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Life sciences supply chain

Sustain growth and improve speed-to-market with optimized solutions for manufacturing and regulatory communications.

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Keys to a successful new product launch

According to our life sciences experts, there are four keys to overcoming your marketing and supply chain challenges in an ever-changing and regulated industry:

  1. Create for your ideal audience
  2. Adopt a consistent brand message
  3. Generate efficiencies while maintaining quality
  4. Optimize marketing at every product stage

Savvy brands are realizing that addressing evolving market needs with carefully planned, customer-focused products is critical to business success — but so is accelerated commercialization.

The solution to marrying the two priorities: A transformation partner can enable a life sciences company to bring new products to market efficiently and effectively. These benefits come without requiring burdensome overhead, lengthy delivery timelines, or big marketing outlays for customization.

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