Product Development Support | Solution Brief


Product Development Support | Solution Brief

Packaging Design & Engineering | Medical & Pharma

Selecting the right packaging for medical devices and pharmaceutical products requires materials that preserve the quality, potency, and safety of the medical product. When external conditions enter the fray — e.g., changing regulations, pricing constraints, and increased competition — this process becomes much more complicated.

At RRD, we help companies reduce costs, simplify packaging processes, and optimize packaging without altering the final functionality, size, and branding.


Understanding how a product should perform takes a tried-and-true methodology built on five key elements.

  1. Product – Approaching all aspects of the package as a component of the product, accounting for configuration, B2B and retail requirements, distribution considerations, and protective properties
  2. Manufacturing – Ensuring brand and product needs concur with material availability, production efficiency and regulatory requirements, (including cGMP), as well as pack-out and distribution complexities
  3. Brand – Assessing how the package and in-box materials function as a seamless extension of the brand, considering the opening experienceand human engineering
  4. Environment – Factoring in material and manufacturing sustainability, market requirements, end-of-life implications, corporate social responsibility needs
  5. Cost – Development of comprehensive, balanced solutions that meet holistic product and cost requirements


Structural Design

  • Conceptual design (e.g., photorealistic renderings, 3D animations, prototyping)
  • Material exploration and multiple substrate use for various geographical locations
  • Smart packaging solutions (e.g., RFID, QR codes, AR, tamper evident)
  • Fully integrated design teams in Europe, N. America, and Asia
  • See our multi-component design in motion

Engineering Support & Testing

  • Drop, vibration, and compression testing per ISTA/ISO/ATM standards
  • New product capabilities testing
  • Material prescription and sustainable material development
  • Process optimization and assembly studies
  • Freight utilization and optimization


  • Self-adhesive label solutions (e.g., documentation labels, multi-page booklet labels, tamper evident labels, smart labels)
  • Technical consultancy
  • Material exploration, development and cooperation with major raw material suppliers
  • Flexographic and digital label printing

IFUs & Multifolds

  • Layout and product development for IFUs
  • Certified raw material supply options (FSC®, SFI®, or PEFC)
  • Raw material exploration
  • Packing process optimization
  • Product specification consolidation

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