Agency Consolidation Drives Results, Innovation Across Multiple Channels | Automotive


Agency Consolidation Drives Results, Innovation Across Multiple Channels | Automotive

RRD helps major auto manufacturer drive dealer service revenue with data-driven testing strategy 


A leading global automotive manufacturer faced difficulties working with four different agencies to run service campaigns to drive inactive customer pay repair orders (CPROs) to dealers. Each agency was siloed and doing their own work, with no party owning the complete process. This led to poor results. The company sought support from an experienced marketing services partner who could easily scale and deliver a best-in-class strategy across multiple channels as one agency of record. Ultimately, the goal was to drive improved response rates and dealership service revenue from its inactive customers.


As part of their agency consolidation effort, the company turned to RRD. RRD first assembled a team of experts from their GO Creative, Precision Dialogue, and Commercial Print business units to drive results and innovation. The team was supported by best-in-class tools and technologies, including an advanced distribution management system and digital capabilities. Each member of the team was assigned a clearly defined role, resulting in the delivery of an end-to-end solution. The supported functions included:

  • Audience generation: Select and target audiences across multiple channels
  • Project management: Manage teams and overall campaign timelines and resources
  • Campaign management: Segment, target, and manage omnichannel campaigns
  • Email/SMS development/SFMC deployment: Develop and deploy email and SMS campaigns via client's Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance 
  • Analytics/analysis: Analyze campaign results and future recommendations
  • Account strategy and execution: Manage strategy and oversee execution
  • Creative campaign design: Redesign omnichannel campaign creative to impact and drive engagement
  • Campaign data management: Manage campaign data, postal optimization, and automated reporting to client
  • Print production: Direct mail production in full variable four-color print with PURLs
  • Digital campaign: Web development, including creating and implementing PURLs
  • Social campaign: Executing and reporting on campaigns through Meta


RRD’s support as a full-service agency enabled the company to quickly scale operations. Rather than focusing on a single division to address only a part of their requirements, RRD drew on an ecosystem of solutions to deliver a top-performing solution. Results included:

  • Replaced four agencies with one agency of record
  • Comprehensive data-driven testing strategy across direct mail, smail, SMS, and social media (Meta)
  • Increased direct mail, email, SMS, and social media engagement with offer tests and omnichannel response options, including PURLs and personalized QR codes
  • Strategic insights drove creative development and lifted performance of each channel
  • Expanded social reach with revamped strategy that drove substantial revenue
  • Response models with layered contextual data that reduced cost and improved response
  • Personalized landing pages (integrated with the client’s existing offers) leveraging pre-filled data directly connected with dealer service scheduling platforms
  • Connected, unified customer experience with higher personalization across channels
  • Collected additional owner data from each respondent to enhance experience, update database, and eliminate non-owners from future campaigns
  • Precisely tracked each cross-media visitor to identify in-market targets and re-targeting opportunities

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