Outside-the-Box Thinking Drives Supply Chain Savings | Cosmetics

8/15/2019 RRD

Outside-the-Box Thinking Drives Supply Chain Savings | Cosmetics

A study in success: Cosmetics manufacturer packaging


A leading cosmetics company wished to revitalize its packaging program while protecting the brand. As part of an enterprise-wide effort, the company leveraged its 13-year relationship with RRD to gain insights on reducing label and packaging costs.


Leveraging RRD Supply Chain Solutions’ global platform and extensive knowledge of the industry, the company’s product range allowed for the implementation of broad and unique solutions. 

In addition to ensuring that all label and carton solutions met the company’s rigorous durability and product life expectancy standards, aspects of the solution included:

  • A series of deco label print trials establishing cost savings for hot stamping, varnishing and pearl labeling
  • Replacing 2.3 mil films on 1.2 mil liners with thinner 1.6 mil films on .92 mil liners
  • Reducing languages and romance copy featured on 5- and 7-panel roll labels to fit all content onto single-ply labels printed on two sides instead
  • Relocating carton production for the company’s Mexico operations to a local RRD facility


30% annual savings by switching to thinner films and liners

Costs trimmed by $860,000 annually

By eliminating over 110 million sets of 5- and 7- panel roll labels in favor of the single-ply, two-sided printed label, RRD helped the client save $860,000 annually. Across the board, RRD Supply Chain Solutions delivered substantial savings and demonstrate the importance of thinking outside the box — literally and figuratively — to help achieve objectives.


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