ConnectOne Storefront Solution Supports 30% Increase in Label Demand | QSR


ConnectOne Storefront Solution Supports 30% Increase in Label Demand | QSR

Streamlined solution helps fast casual chain manage increase in takeout label demand and changing ingredient lists for consumer safety


A national chain of fast casual restaurants with over 2,000 locations faced inefficiencies with multiple label vendors amidst a 30% increase in label usage. A spike in takeout orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic created a need for a streamlined way to source and stock product and allergen labels for all outgoing orders.

As it stood, the company was sourcing its labels from various vendors, creating a fractured and inefficient process to produce, store, and distribute the correct labels to the correct stores. 

Additionally, since a certain portion of the restaurant’s locations are franchised and a certain portion are owned by corporate, the commercial print and label needs vary by location. The time and energy spent reconciling different orders from multiple suppliers became cumbersome. 

For maximum customer visibility, each menu item ordered from one of the restaurant’s locations comes with a product label on it, and every drive-thru or pick-up order bag features a closure label to ensure all orders are sealed. These labels are customized, containing both allergen information and ingredient statements for items merchandised in-store. 

Since ingredients and menu items change seasonally, label turnover is high. Additionally, FDA food and allergen label guidelines often change, making quick label modifications necessary for compliance. The company ultimately sought an on-demand, streamlined label production and ordering solution. 


A previous relationship led the company to entrust RRD to completely replace multiple incumbent vendors. RRD worked closely with internal company teams to build and deploy a customized ConnectOne Storefront? portal to manage each location’s individual print and label needs. An easy-to-use, flexible interface enables store personnel to order the correct materials for their location, tailored with built-in unique business rules, FDA requirements, and ordering groups sourced from company data. Users can also check inventory, view job history, and source custom materials within the portal. 

Single sign-on (SSO) integration allows location leadership to login and order ingredient labels, product labels, bag closure labels, and even comprehensive training materials directly to their location. The increased order transparency offers valuable information to the corporate office, ensuring accurate inventory management and compliance with mandatory ordering across all franchised locations. 


RRD’s ConnectOne Storefront solution consolidated multiple vendors down to one, fulfilling the company’s label needs, and enabling users to order customized materials and check inventory. Beyond increased order and inventory transparency, additional benefits included:

  • 32,000 orders placed annually
  • 15% product cost savings
  • 18% logistics savings through consolidation
  • Cost savings and waste reduction due to accurate, location-based ordering and fulfillment
  • Immediate portal updates enable up-to-date product ingredients on labels for consumer safety and in accordance to FDA guidelines
  • Time savings from streamlined ordering process
  • Personnel hours savings from no longer needing to track down and reconcile incorrect or missing orders

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