PIVOT Document Storage Enhances Large Company’s Invoicing, Data Security | Utilities


PIVOT Document Storage Enhances Large Company’s Invoicing, Data Security | Utilities

RRD’s proprietary PIVOT technology platform facilitates multiple bills for single-user functionality, automating email notifications and real-time presentment


A leading utility service provider sought secure, flexible storage and efficiency improvements surrounding their email notifications and critical client communications tracking processes. Their incumbent service provider was limiting their ability to centralize document storage, which in turn impacted their members’ ability to view and pay invoices in a timely manner. This, coupled with inconsistent email notification technology, impacted the company’s cash flow and compliance.

However, the company lacked the in-house technology and resources necessary to implement the desired document tracking, storage, and delivery.  In order to achieve these goals, they would need an external partner to deploy automated, turnkey solutions that could ensure accuracy and data integrity, and enhance the customer experience.


The company leveraged an existing relationship with RRD to seek an outsourced solution to replace their current provider. RRD developed and deployed a solution leveraging the existing proprietary PIVOT technology with encrypted storage and automated email notifications. The PIVOT platform ingested documents from the multiple storage technologies of the incumbent vendor and centralized all storage within PIVOT’s secure, encrypted, scalable environment. 

PIVOT also enabled automated email notifications upon documents becoming available within the storage portal. Document presentation to customers was enabled using API technology, creating a seamless, real-time experience. Document tracking was enabled within RRD’s workflow, enabling job- and package-level client access — including USPS Informed Delivery status.   


RRD’s deployment of PIVOT’s secure encrypted document storage consolidated the company’s previous efforts and solved challenges posed by their previous vendor. Additional benefits include:

  • Automated email notifications
  • Timely invoicing
  • Increased data security
  • Real-time document presentment for members
  • Single-user functionality

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